More Puppies!

Puppies, puppies, puppies....

Puppies, puppies, puppies....

We now officially have puppies coming out our ears! Polly had 8 puppies Thursday morning. Actually she had nine but, one didn’t make it. We have only one yellow and the rest are brown. One little boy has a cleft palate, which is very sad. His time on earth is limited and we’ll have to make a decision really soon on what to do with him. For now, he’s happy with his mommy so we’re leaving it at that. Continue reading


Farmers’ Market

Wednesday was our last Farmers’ Market for this season. It was like leaving family behind! It’s just hard to find any better people to hang out with than them! And we all live relatively close to one another and yet if we met for something friendly, like supper, it just wouldn’t be the same!

Jesse & Jacob

The Owasso Farmers' Market meets Wednesday and Saturday at the YMCA parking lot. Although the Wednesday market has ended, the Saturday market will continue until October 4th.

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Holey Moley!

Funny things are always happening around here…sometimes we all laugh, sometimes it’s just me. I just figure it’s better to laugh than cry. There is humor in practically everything if you dig deep enough.

Yesterday I didn’t have to dig very deep.

You see, I kinda have this sick sense of enjoying when other people prove they’re not perfect. For example, I have this bad habit of turning the water on to fill the horse tank and walking away. Some time later (hours…days….), we find a lovely river flowing down the pasture and then I hear grief for weeks until the next water bill is paid. And then I hear grief about that too. Continue reading

Thanks just isn’t enough!

I told another man I loved him…yep, I did it.

You see, the phone rang on Wednesday and it was James, our very brave, very kind friend who farm-sat for us while we were in Bermuda. He said, “Hi…this is James” and then I did it. I said, “I love you!”.

He said, “Well, I guess that answers my question.”.

I guess he figured I wouldn’t love him so much if we had come home to dead animals. In fact, we came home to a house that was in better shape than we left it. That’s why I love them…!

Let’s see…he fixed our 4-wheeler because he figured out it was this doo-hickus and the U-joints and the drive shaft…exactly what I had suspected (not!). And he got the new parts at a fraction of the cost the dealership would have charged us. And did all the labor! I didn’t even know the 4-wheeler was sick!

He fixed our dog kennel…more than once, thanks to our obnoxious dogs that felt the need to escape. He rode one of our horses bareback. And he basically just enjoyed the Ponderosa.

And just taking care of our herd is not cake-walk. We have 6 horses, 1 donkey, 2 calves, 29 goats, 1 pig, 40+ chickens, 3 Labradors, multiple cats and a vegetable garden. Feeding and watering them all is a chore, especially when the horses think they’re helping you by chasing you down and sticking their heads in the buckets, or the goats stampede you at the gate.

We got a particularly funny email from James on Day #2. Continue reading

Cucumbers Are of the Devil

I decided today that cucumbers are of the devil. I’m not a theologian and I know that “everything God created it good and nothing is to be rejected, for it is made good by the Word of God and prayer”.

But, I’ve never prayed for my cucumbers (my bad) and I think they’re of the devil.

Maybe it’s just this new generation of cucumbers…driven from here to there so they can be highly socialized and well-rounded, but inside they’re just an empty moral shell. Wasn’t there a study done last year by the National Institutes of Health that showed that little ones reared in nurseries, rather than in the home, are more prone to “disruptive behavior”…arguing, fighting, disobedience, violence?

I should have done better. I should have looked for the good seed. I should have kept them at home longer before assuming they were ready for kinder-“garden”. There must have been something I could have done to change this! But, I trained them up in the way they should go. My trellis was as good as any other trellis. But, they chose their own path and it’s their fault if they end up in a pickle! Continue reading

The Puppies are Here!


Molly with her eight puppies!

Molly kept her promise and waited to have her puppies after we got home. Wasn’t that thoughtful of her? Her sister, Polly, is also due any minute. I am requesting that she have her puppies in the light of day. I’m too old to pull another all-nighter!

The poor thing had a miserable day. She decided about midnight to get the show on the road. Fourteen hours and 60 units of Oxytocin later, we had 8 puppies. It was a long, drawn-out process. Continue reading

Bermuda Vacation: Summary

We’ve been home over 24 hours now. I’ve done 4 loads of laundry, unpacked 8 suitcases, smelled my horses (they still smell good), worked at the Farmer’s Market, vacuumed up way too much sand and our Labrador’s water just broke. It’s been a busy 24 hours!

I know you’re as worried about the cream puffs as I was. We picked up our luggage yesterday immediately following the Farmer’s Market. They offered to deliver it, but at this point, you just have to take things in your own hands and get the job done.

Delta Airlines said our luggage was simply not allowed on the plane because of a weight limit. I guess all those other 40 people took up all the space! I feel a little better now about letting them sweat.

The luggage was a bit wet. It must have gone through alot of rain. Water had even gotten inside the box of breads. I felt it was necessary to sample the cream puffs ahead of the children, for their safety, of course. The first one tasted fine but I couldn’t really be sure until I tried the second one. They were both fine….really fine.

I have just a few remaining glimpses of Bermuda…flowers and critters and things that just make Bermuda a tropical paradise. Continue reading