Long Time No Blog!

I just have this wild urge to write this morning. Maybe it’s because I’m avoiding doing what I should be doing…or maybe it’s because someone (who’s name is being withheld, NOT because he’s innocent!) keeps complaining that my email signature has “check out my blog” and there is no new blog!

I’ve had lots of thoughts…they’re just having trouble getting onto the computer. This blogging stuff is hard work sometimes! If I were a little more technological it would help. Actually, if I were home it would help! Soon the clinic should have Internet and I’ll really be in business!

There are lots of things that have been going on around here. We spend nearly every moment at the new clinic in Collinsville…painting, caulking, building, tearing out, caulking, making new flower beds, painting again, waiting for the floors to dry, caulking (did I mention caulking?). It’s coming together very slowly. Every step forward causes a step backwards. I guess a 40+ year old building has as many aches and pains as I do! Continue reading


I’ve Got Friends in Great Places!


We're raising our banner high!

Garth Brooks just lives a few miles south of us, as the crow flies. And he’s got friends in low places, poor fella. He’s gotta hook up with friends like mine! I’ve got the best!

Ever since we got the keys to the clinic we’ve had a continuous stream of helpers. Lisa and Brian have cut trees, painted, taken apart cages, put together cages, moved garbage….you name it and they’ve done it and they keep coming back for more! Continue reading

Remodeling is for the Birds!

Baby chicks

Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens....

See what happens when you smell paint fumes too long!  You turn into a bird…!  Or in this case, maybe I’ve been driven to lay an egg or two (or 31).

Meet our newest family members.  You’ll notice that they’re not all of the same kind!  The boys bought some Red Stars this time and they are the beautiful golden chickens.  They are a hybrid, sex-linked bird that are prolific brown-egg layers.  A “sex-link” chicken is one that can be sexed by it’s color at birth rather than having to be put through the contortions of a degrading, and often inaccurate, physical exam. 

We heard many good things about these Red Stars…they’re not only good layers, but they start laying early, lay through hot and cold and they’re friendly.  Isn’t that nice?  Smart, hard-workers and they have a good personality! Continue reading

Things My Mom Never Told Me…

I’m 44 years old and I’m just learning things my mom ‘aught to have taught me! The pieces are finally coming together and frankly, I’m feeling a bit vulnerable. I should have sensed something was missing. I should have known.

For instance, did you know that there are little indentations on the end of the Saran Wrap and foil boxes that you’re supposed to punch inward to keep the roll in the box instead of flopping out? How many times have I dropped a roll of plastic wrap onto the floor, only to gather it back together and have to throw away the gnarled pieces. Mom should have told me sooner. She just told me 3 weeks ago. I’ve lost so many years. I wonder how many people knew that I didn’t know.

When she dropped that bomb on me, she also told me I didn’t need bag clips to close the potato chip sacks or cereal bags. She taught me this handy-dandy folding procedure that locks in freshness and even combated the terrible humidity in Bermuda. If I had only known, I wouldn’t have strayed away to Pampered Chef and those cute little Twix-It Clips. At least I’ve admitted that I’m a Clip-aholic. Each day forward will be a step in the right direction…one day at a time.

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Small Towns

I love small towns.  Even with all the humor beginning with the familiar, “You know you live in a small town when…” (even though I chuckle), I love small towns. 

I grew up in Caldwell, Kansas….population 1700 back in the day.  Everyone knew everyone.  I had 36 people in my high school graduating class.  I didn’t just know them, I knew their parents, their siblings and their birthdates.  And likewise, they knew mine.

It was safe to walk to school and back on your lunch hour.  When we had a parade, it pretty much encompassed the entire town, heading down main street and then past the nursing home and back to the school.   You didn’t have to worry about your kid buying something inappropriate at the gas station because everyone knew how old you were and plus they’d call your dad!

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Doors Are Opening!

It’s time I let you in on a 6-week old journey we’ve been on.  Some of you will be thrilled, some of you will be disappointed and some of you won’t care either way, but here’s our story.

Six weeks ago I was approached by my old boss.  The funny thing was he was apologizing for sharing his “crazy” idea with me, while all the while I was thinking, “I’ve already thought of that!”.  It was an eerie feeling.  I don’t use the word “coincidence” because God is bigger than that.  It’s a “God-incident”!!

For several months I’ve been thinking how our area needs another veterinary practice, especially one that does emergency calls.  I was just dreaming of getting together with 4 other women, who are in my same boat, who would like to job-share with me.  We’d all get to work part-time but feel like we were equal owners of something special.  Many ladies, who are still stay-at-home moms or homeschoolers, work here and there as relief veterinarians, but it’s hard to find a job where your name is actually on the marquis and you “belong” there.

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To Tell the Tooth…The Whole Tooth!

Ian has been worrying about losing teeth for years. About 2 years ago, when he was getting in touch with his inner feelings, he took a couple of chunks out of our new dining room table. That gave him a head-start on loosening them up! But, it’s been a long journey waiting for them to truly be ready to fall out.

And more importantly, Ali hasn’t lost a single tooth yet. As a matter of fact, she got her first permanent tooth while we were on vacation….and it’s sitting right behind her baby tooth, creating a 2nd row of teeth. We have affectionately renamed her “Shark Tooth”. Continue reading