Ponderosa in the Winter

I thought you might enjoy some winter pictures of the Ponderosa over the last years. You should be able to click on the picture to see a larger version.

Early morning... the horses are waiting for their breakfast

Early this morning... the horses are waiting for their breakfast

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The boys built an awesome snowman this afternoon...I bet they worked all day on it!  They were so proud.

The boys built an awesome snowman this afternoon...I think they worked all day on it! They were so proud that they made sure we documented it.

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We’re Open…Just Slide On In!

The Ponderosa is turning into a winter wonderland.

The Ponderosa is turning into a winter wonderland.

Well, the weather in Oklahoma is famous for being unpredictable. And this week is no exception. The weather service has been warning us for days that we would be experiencing freezing temperatures and either freezing rain,sleet or snow.

Freezing rain brings chills to us (literally and figuratively). Last year the freezing rains paralyzed our area when trees snapped and power was out for days. The area looked like a war zone and it sounded like it too. Trees would snap and you would just take cover, thinking you had been shot! And when it was all said and done, it looked like God had taken a weed-eater to our world or that a tornado had struck.

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I Guess I’m Just A Little Grouchy Today….

I just can’t figure out a few things about people. Personally, I try my best to accommodate people and be “kind and loving to one another, forgiving one another, just like Christ Jesus forgave (me)”. Well, sometimes the forgiveness part comes a little late, but I do try. I usually can find something redeeming about everyone and hope they do the same for me.

This week I’ve just been annoyed with people in general (so much for the forgiveness part!). We’ve been working very hard at the clinic, working long hours and tending to various personal events in the lives of our staff. We do our best to schedule appointments at the client’s earliest convenience or we work with their personal schedules to accommodate them. If bending over backwards was an Olympic sport, we’d be in the medal round! When people just walk in the door without an appointment we try not to yell out “RUDE” and just grin and work them in (maybe under my breath I say, “Thanks alot buddy. I’ll just eat lunch sometime tomorrow while I help you out with your emergency nail trim?”).

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My Children are Just Fine!

I know some of you have had concerns about the kids with this clinic venture we’re on. It definitely has changed the dynamics around our house. Darin is teaching the children full-time now. Every now and then I get a chance to go over a math lesson or do a devotion with the kids, but Darin is the chief homeschooling parent now.

I consider myself the “real-life application instructor”. Jesse & Jacob have continually complained that Math is horrible and that they just don’t understand why they need to do it. So, when they work at the clinic they have to do all my drug dose calculations…converting pounds to kilograms, then figuring drug doses in milligrams and then finally converting the milligrams to actual milliliters. Real-live math at work. They are now believing that math is possibly necessary but algebra is definitely irrelevant!

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In Summary….

Well, 2008 has been a dandy one! If you asked me last year what I’d be doing in the next 365 days, I certainly would have never told you I was opening a business! It’s amazing what a year can bring.

The clinic is going very well…far beyond my wildest imagination. I had this concept that we’d be really slow the first 6 months as we built a client base and regained the trust of the community since the clinic had been so derelict the last year or so. I actually counted on that, thinking I’d have more time to fine-tune our routine and get more comfortable with various procedures (or maybe just ease myself into full-time employment!).

But, people have come to us from Collinsville and neighboring towns north, south, east and west! We’ve done more surgeries than I ever imagined and we have a fairly successful boarding program, despite our limited space. We have hired a third employee to help us out in the late afternoons. Chali works each afternoon to help with the chaos once Brenda & Alyson leave. She is doing very well, learning very quickly and her personality is a perfect blend for us.

We do surgeries Monday through Friday.

We do surgeries Monday through Friday.

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