Wii’re Getting Fit!

January saw the purchase of a Nintendo Wii Fit system (pronounced “We”). The kids had already been playing Wii since last summer but with the addition of the Wii Fit, now mama is officially in on the ball game!!

For those of you that aren’t familiar with the Wii Fit system, it is an add -on component in the Nintendo Wii “action gaming” system. Unlike previous video game systems, it allows you to interact with the characters on the screen. Actually, you get to create your own character, called a “Mii” (pronounced “me”) which performs on the screen according to your instructions! The boys have enjoyed many games like football and baseball and even TV superheroes like Batman.

That’s just not my kind of fun. I don’t think I’ve ever played a video game regardless of the brand!

But, the Wii Fit system really intrigued me. It is a system that allows you to exercise and have some accountability. There are probably about 40 exercises ranging from balance games to yoga to strength or aerobic challenges. It’s like having a personal trainer! You are connected to the game through a balance pad that you stand on and also a hand-controller. It measures your weight and your BMI (body mass index) every time you take a fitness test and will calculate your “Wii fitness age”, or what your performance indicates your age is.

Ali's Wii-Fit age is 29!  Must be nice to be fit and trim!

Ali's Wii-Fit age is 29! Must be nice to be fit and trim!

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