Ups and Downs….

Ian and Ali invented their own teeter-totter thanks to a 2x4 and the bucket to Darin's tractor.

Ian and Ali invented their own teeter-totter thanks to a 2x4 and the bucket to Darin's tractor.

Life is full of ups and downs…I guess it just depends on which end of the scale you’re on! Up is good…but, it’s a long way down. And if you have an ornery brother who weighs more than you, the down can be abrupt and painful!

This spring has been interesting. The clinic continues to grow. We have nearly 800 client families in our files representing nearly 2000 animals. I have the best staff in the world. We have fun every day, even when some of our clients push us to the end of our sanity.

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I Told You It Was Broke!!

There are times as a parent that you are humbled…well, parenting is actually completely about humility. Every time the kids dress themselves and go out in public I’m humbled! Every time Ian speaks to strangers, I’m humbled.

I remember when Jacob was a little guy. He jumped off the couch onto a wagon filled with pillows…only problem was he missed the pillows and crashed. He was so sad. He cried all through lunch and it wasn’t because the macaroni and cheese was bad. He cried through his nap. But, I was consistent. I gave him some Tylenol and told him it would be OK (and possibly told him to toughen up!). That night at church I told his teacher that his arm kinda hurt and that he needed to take it easy. hurt. IT WAS BROKE! We found that out the next day at the pediatrician.


Well, twins being what they are….and fairness being what it is…well, actually, at this point I feel like it’s almost just fair that Jesse have his moment too!

Back in the fall, right before we opened the clinic Jesse was playing catch in the yard and caught the football just right (or would that be wrong?). His pinky finger was really hurting so I assumed he jammed it and we taped it together next to Mr. Ringman. We didn’t have macaroni and cheese but I do think I told him to toughen up and finish his hamburger and take another Tylenol.

This went on for days…months….and lo and behold it’s now January and his pinky finger is starting to hurt again. And it has this unnatural curve to it, a little bend to the outside.

I was sure he had hit it again on something and re-injured the same finger.

Then this gigantic lightbulb went off in my head….something like, “YOU HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY!”. So we x-rayed it at the clinic and believe it or not we had a fractured finger! And now it was healing in a perculiar way causing the finger to rotate outward.

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