Bermuda Vacation 2010: Day 12

Tonight's waves on South Shore were mighty!

This is our day of final preparations for Hurricane Igor.  By tomorrow, the stores shelves will be empty and the wind will become so harsh that they probably will close the Causeway and the airport.  I’m pretty sure we won’t be taking the mopeds out very far from home due to the extreme winds. We already heard rumors today that homes built near the beach in Devonshire were evacuating (the wise man builds his house upon the hill!).  The neighbor also told us that the road at John Smith’s Bay was covered in water at high tide.

Hurricane Igor's projected path...

The haze is pretty obvious today.

The ocean is rumbling and the water is very stirred up making it appear lighter out until the breakers, then suddenly dark blue beyond.  The horizon is very, very hazy.  I’m sure the salt spray is coating all nearby homes.

Our gate provides a good view of the ocean but also a perfect place to mingle with neighbors. Can you see the division in colors of the water?

We’re finding ourselves spending more time in the driveway because we can see down Scenic Heights Drive to South Shore.  The breeze is wonderful from up here.  And, we’re having fun talking to the neighbors who join us at our gate and share hurricane stories.

Grandpa, Brock and Darin built the frames for the shelving on the front porch where they could enjoy the breeze and the shade.

We also committed to our garage project today…building a new shelving system to organize all the boxes and supplies that have been crowding the garage.  Mom had emailed us last month and asked if we could help with a building project but we procrastinated and here we are with Hurricane Igor approaching us and the wood is piled in the garage.  So, today was the day!

Grandpa, Darin and Brock built the shelves…which are so sturdy I think we can actually sleep about 16 people in the garage now!  One of the neighbors came by and said, “Can you do my garage next?”.  We emptied out all the old boxes, replaced the dilapidated cardboard with plastic containers and newer boxes.  It’s amazing how the salt air and humidity destroys things so quickly.

I’m so thankful the project is over.  It was much bigger than I imagined.  It took most of the day to clean out the garage, assemble the racks, clean the garage floor, place the racks in the garage and then put everything back.  I met several gigantic cockroaches, 4 million ants and more mold species than I ever knew existed!  The garage looks so nice now and smells SO much better!

The finished project complete with a cubby-hole for the new generator.

Mom had her first moped accident today.  A wall jumped out and squeezed her against her bike, scrapping her shin very badly and putting a few marks on the moped.  She was blessed to have a bus driver stop and help her get the moped off herself so she could stand up and go again.  Mom was out busy buying last-minute supplies to welcome Igor.

Mom and her wounds...

We took a quick drive down South Shore this evening to check the the waves.  It definitely is getting very, very rough over by Warwick Long Bay with very frightening waves crashing on the rocks and only a very small slice of beach visible.

This is the front of the house at sunset, with the verandah and large picture windows. There are wooden shutters on every window but the front windows and door also have hurricane shutters that roll down over the window. The kitchen shutters have been braced with 2x4's.

This picture was supposed to be a detailed look at the windows and roll-down shutters, but I think I captured another important thing! Do you see Grandma Frantz telling Darin to relax?

We’ll see what the news tells us tomorrow.  Jim Cantore of the Weather Channel arrived today to do live broadcasts.  Practically every other media service is also here doing live reports.  Everyone is predicting something slightly different as they follow all the models and theories.  We’re still praying for passage on the east of the island!

A neighbor explained that she wasn’t frightened about the hurricane because she knows the houses are built very well.  I think in many ways she’s excited about something that will “shake things up a bit”.  Sometimes change is good…and the hurricane will certainly change things.  It will clear out trees and bushes and make visibility on the island amazingly clear.  Neighbors will actually see neighbors!  The sense of community is strong and the people will all come together and that is something she is looking forward too.

Here’s our funny for the day:  The phone rang and Darin answered it.  It was my cousin Craig checking on us.  All I hear Darin say is, “We’re just fine…we’re all sitting here tied together with a big long rope!”.  Later Craig must have asked about Mom, who was supposed to fly out today.  Darin said, “No..she’s here.  She’s tied at the end.”

Continue praying for the safety of the island and all the wonderful people here.  The Salvation Army is working to get all the homeless into shelters.  Please pray for wisdom as the government discerns when and where to close roads and turn off utilities for our safety.  And remember…he needs to go east!!


2 Responses

  1. Well just great…..know i am stuck watching the weather channel about the stupid hurricane. next time you guys aren’t allowed to go during hurricane season. hope every things goes well (i am sure it will.) hope you have some good games to keep the kids busy while the storm is going on. keeping you guys in my prayers, and thought. stay safe!!!!
    ps. Darin is not allowed to go on the porch to see how the storm is doing during the storm. ( thats what john would do)


  2. Love your pictures! Thank you for sharing them. Oh by the way I’m Christy’s mom. I grew up around the beach and miss it sooooo much. Christy new it and wanted me to look at your pictures. You need to frame them and make a group of them on your wall. Thank you again, amd blessing to you and family, Ruth

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