Bermuda Vacation 2010 Day 14: The Day of Reckoning…

The view to South Shore looks ominous.

Well, we’re either ready or we’re not.

The day started with wind and rain. By 9:15 a.m. our power was out due to the first hard squall line.  The power came back on within 5 minutes according to the neighbor but we had the generator up and going by then (I believe we were called “American weenies”).  We turned the generator off 45 minutes later and within minutes the 2nd squall came by canceling out the power.  This time we waited patiently for the power to return because the neighbor said we’re always the last to lose power.  Or sometimes we’re the first!  My cousins in Paget still have power….

Grandpa must be feeling the stress of the upcoming storm.  One minute he was asking for a screwdriver and pliers, and the next minute he appeared with this strange Shekinah Glory all around his face!  I think he had a spiritual moment in that bathroom this morning!

When it was time for our church services at 11:00 a.m. we were still in the dark, figuratively.  Church went just fine though.  We had our opening greeting complete with an announcement from Deacon Frantz, who previously had not spoken today: “Do not open the refrigerator while the power is out.”. Amen, brother.

With that information, we went into our opening prayer and then Grandma Ehlers stepped to the piano for some praise & worship, which I must say was awesome.  The “elders” in the church had a walk down memory lane singing songs from their childhood that were unknown to me…”I’m bubblin’, bubblin…I’m bubblin’ in my soul…”  (Personally, I thought it was referring to a gastrointestinal problem.).

Home church was just what we needed to drown out the noise of Igor and lift our spirits.

Grandpa Frantz sang “With Christ in the vessel we can smile at the storm…as we go sailin‘ home.” We followed that with “Deep & Wide” but refrained from singing “Spring Up Oh Well” or “Nearer My God to Thee”.

Grandpa spoke on the early church in Acts Chapter 2 who were commanded to stay in the Word, continue in fellowship, remember to take the Lord’s Supper and pray.  So, we did!  Jesse & Jacob served the communion and we took the bread and the grape juice and finished with more singing.

We sang while Grandma Ehlers did her magic at the piano to fill our special requests.

We were then dismissed to the fellowship hall for a potluck meal!   Deacon Frantz turned on the generator so we could open the refrigerator and commence with our meal plan….sandwiches.

We brought "Farkle", "Skip-Bo", checkers, chess and regular playing cards. We had no idea how handy they would be.

The generator was on all day and we’ve lost the Internet and Cablevision, which is in many ways in refreshing.  The kids are playing games and enjoying the sights out the window.  We do miss The Weather Channel and our access to Weather Underground.  But, we still have a radio with some news every now and again…mostly pre-recorded and played again but sometimes we get a new bit of information.  And, we have the telephone to call local family and get the latest island scoop.

We waited until the 2nd squall to remove the giant propane cylinders from the side of the house. They were exactly where Igor had decided to blow.

We keep borrowing tools from Mr. Lambert but he insists on helping as well. What a great neighbor to have!

We took a few jaunts outside: Once to remove the propane cylinders from the southeast side of the house.  Another time to check the surf on the horizon.

The view from our gate to South Shore is getting really difficult to manage. The winds are so strong you have to anchor yourself carefully and expect a good gust to knock you back a notch.

Somewhere in all the mess, it calmed down just enough to take a walk down the street and take a few pictures of the ocean from afar.  We don’t go outside without a witness, I mean an escort.  Just in case someone blows away, we want someone with a camera to document it!

See what I mean!!!

We did notice, before the cable went out, that Jim Cantore of The Weather Channel was not reporting from the outdoor verandah at Elbow Beach but from his suite.  We think that’s kinda lame.  So, we found another willing reporter, “Jane Canduit’.  She was able to film live coverage of the hurricane and interview a local boy who summed it all up with “It’s kinda windy”.

Jane found a willing resident to interview...

The interview got more dangerous by the minute but they kept up that good weather-girl spirit!

Before you know it they were hanging on for dear life...kinda.

We’re very blessed.  We have plenty of food and water.  The house is solid as a rock.  The company is good and we have plenty to do with books and games and just plain story telling.

Ian & Ali have their Littlest Pet Shop animals to play with when they're not asking, "Is the hurricane over yet?".

The radio has frequent alerts which seem to pinpoint the eye being nearest the island tonight around 9:00 p.m..  We’ve heard reports that the eye is 65 miles wide but the latest radar seems to show that the eye is falling apart.  Honestly, I can’t make sense of any of it…”nearest point of land” versus “the eye” versus “hurricane winds” versus “tropical storm winds”.  I know it’s windy and it’s going to get windier, then possibly it will go still then get windier again…all in God’s timing.

I said, "Hey much do you love me?" Yep...that much!! But next time you can come inside to tell me!

The one thing we do know is that Igor has decided to pass west of the island so we’re going to see his ugly side.  He’s passing 10 miles west of the island, but because he’s so LARGE, we’ll get to meet him up close and personal.  We’re hoping to enjoy the eye before dark just so we can understand it better.

All this rotation and velocity and millibars of pressure have me confused.  All I know is he’s BIG and UGLY and is full of air!

Jesse is pondering his options...

Jacob gets caught up on some reading...

Do you wonder where the tree frogs are?  The Kiskadees or the Longtails? Or where have the little butterflies gone?  We have seen an occasional bird flying around, but I’m convinced they’re disoriented or have amnesia (or both).  The tree frogs are still singing but the birds are silent.  God is so able to provide for them, and He surely cares for us!!

The one common thing are pieces of leaves are flying around. Most are no bigger than a quarter and they go swooping by in gusts sticking to houses and cars.  It looks like the bushes have been shredded.  We’re getting ready to lose one of our Hibiscus bushes on the southeast corner of the house…he’s becoming uprooted!

We decided to keep the generator on all night so we could have some fans to sleep by.  The noise of the winds are so loud we can’t even hear the generator groaning in the garage.  I am also thankful we have an unattached garage.  Most Bermudians who own generators will not run them until the storm clears because they have to be put in their yard.  Garages are not a common thing here.

At some point the wind will turn and we’ll have to change which windows are open & which are closed.  But, it’s been a long day and everyone is ready for bed.  I’m anxious to see what light will bring.

Darin takes a view from the dining room window. We're thankful we can leave the north windows open to watch the storm pass and have some natural light.

After the storm passes there will be salt spray EVERYWHERE and the trees will drop their leaves and the grass will turn yellow.  It will not be a pretty sight.   Then life will start all over again…


2 Responses

  1. WHat precious times you are having there worshipping the Lord as a family! AMEN SisTa!!
    You all are too funny with the weather reports! Love it! Thanks for keeping us informed!

  2. I think that when in said “Darin isn’t allowed to go outside to watch the storm during the storm” I should have said was You AND THE KIDS AREN’T ALLOWED OUTSIDE DURING THE STORM!!!! …… Are you trying to give me a heart attack?? Maybe i should quit again tomorrow ahahhahahah ( It might be better for my health if i do quit )
    Glad you are all in good spirits though, and what a good story you will all have to tell in the future.

    miss you all bunches

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