Bermuda Vacation 2010: Day 16

Our house is on the top, in the center. What a climb!

It was like waking up in a new location!  The winds are calm, the birds are singing, the traffic is on the road and there are no white caps on the water.  However, I was quickly brought back to reality because the transformer is still on the ground!

The transformer would make a nice planter...or end table.

The water is back to it’s beautiful turquoise/blue tints and the sun is reflecting off the white roofs.  There is still a small-craft warning for mariners but the water looks good to us. All is well…

Waiting for the bus...

Well, except the bus service.  Apparently the transportation department doesn’t travel the route thoroughly prior to opening the bus terminals in the morning.  They were very happy to take us to town this morning…9 of us.  The bus was SO crowded…we took our lives in our own hands to stand for the trip. The Grandmas finally got a seat just before we arrived on Front Street.  By then we had already been through several perilous curves & corners.  But, the roads were fine…no tree limbs down or obstructions on the road.

This is called "hangin' on for dear life"....

We were all rewarded for our hard efforts getting to town with lunch at The Spot Restaurant for our last time.  Braeden & Brock enjoyed their usual bacon sandwiches.  Jesse & Jacob have picked up my addiction to club sandwiches.  Ian got his fish sandwich that he’s been dreaming of our entire vacation.  Ali is pretty predictable with chicken tenders and french fries.

Eating our "final" Bermuda The Spot!

After lunch when we were ready to come home we got the shock!  The bus services had been “suspended”!! The drivers had held a meeting to discuss the poor conditions of the road.  Apparently there are still trees down in the road or hanging down and the buses are getting damaged on some of the routes.   One bus driver had a “near accident” when a utility pole fell.  The drivers just don’t feel it necessary to continue their routes under these conditions.  The Premier calls their actions “Un-Bermudian”.  I agree.

Leaving people stranded all over the island with absolutely no notice is irresponsible. Everyone was stranded…seniors who travel the buses for free, students who also travel on special passes, travelers.  And with no prior announcement people were standing at bus stops all over the island…waiting.  At 5:00 p.m. we still saw people standing at bus stops thinking the service was up and running….still uninformed about the suspension of service.

We ended up taking a taxi home…actually TWO taxis to fit all 9 of us.

Jesse sat up front with our taxi driver. We watched the meter click at $4.15 per mile.

We had time in the taxi to work on self-portraits!

Darin, Braeden & Vern took to the road on the mopeds to survey Igor’s damage.   Vern got a great trip around Devonshire, through Mid Ocean Golf Course, Flatts, Black Watch Pass…and he survived driving a moped in Hamilton!

Grandpa perfected his moped skills today...even mastering driving to Hamilton.

Darin took pictures of the erosion on the beaches at John Smith’s Bay, Grape Bay and Elbow Beach.  It was much worse than I thought.

The parking lot at John Smith's Bay has buckled and blown all over the area.

The sand at Elbow Beach is GONE...leaving rocks and boilers where we used to lay on the beach.

The wall behind them used to be a hill that gradually went down to the beach. Now it's a sharp cliff that drops down to a mini-beach that's generous on rocks but stingy on sand.

Later this afternoon Darin, Jesse, Ali and I took one last trip on the moped to Somerset.  I just wanted one last time to look at the water and smell the salt air.  The water was too high and too stirred up to look for manta rays, one of my favorite hobbies.  We stopped by Port Royal Golf Course, where the PGA Grand Slam will be held in October.

Watford Bridge

Ali in her moped attire.

Grandma & Grandpa Frantz treated us to Mr. Chicken for supper!  We have lots to do this evening…packing, cleaning, lining supplies up for Mom so she can continue with the generator.  If I could stop killing ants, I just might get it done!  The ants are taking over the island…one house at a time.

Mom & Tim are waiting to come home after the power is restored and all the laundry is caught up.  I hope she’ll be home by Christmas…!!

Oklahoma….here we come!


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  1. Be safe!! See ya soon!

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