Bermuda Vacation 2010: Day 17 – Going Home…

The sunrise through our neighbor's 2nd story verandah.

Wow…can you believe I’m writing this while flying across the United States somewhere over Georgia?  Or is it Tennessee?  By the time I get done it will probably be Oklahoma!

Traveling is not my favorite thing.  I’m not a big fan of airplanes, although I wouldn’t call myself terrified of them.  There’s just nothing enjoyable about them other than getting somewhere fast.  My ears get all stopped up, the seats are ridiculous and we’re always hurrying up to wait.  I know…gripe, gripe, gripe.

The worst part of traveling is probably the packing!  But, our packing this time was kinda easy…you bag up all the dirty clothes in a trash sack and throw them in your luggage.  That was easy!  The hard part will be taking them out tomorrow and enduring the smell.  Hurricane Igor took out our ability to do laundry…or bathe…need I say more?

I had a little time this morning to run to the grocery store and pick up a little “Bermuda culture”…not sand, no shells…CREAM PUFFS!  And Cadbury chocolates…and McVitie’s cookies…!  It was a nice drive to Paget and back.  Then I parked my little moped, put the keys on the counter and waved my helmet “good-bye”.

The Bee-Line bus arrived at 12:45 p.m. to take us to the airport.

The Bee-Line bus driver came a bit early since the Causeway near the airport is apparently open but with only 1 lane of traffic at a time.  He said it caused at least 20 minute delays yesterday so he was trying to keep us on schedule.  But, it’s hard leaving Mom & Tim behind.  I left her with such a mess to clean…dirty bedding, dirty dishes…and the generator is still running.  Darin gave Mom a quick lesson on how to refill the generator and pull-start it when she’s ready to use it again.  Our cousins will help with the final storage of the generator.  Mom just has alot on her plate to get the house tightened up after a hurricane!

We’re hoping she’ll email us any minute to tell us the power is back on.  Darin called Belco before we left to notify them that “an elderly woman with a handicapped son” is staying at Azure Seas without power.  They said they would “re-prioritize” her…I hope they don’t say that to all the girls.

The bus fit us all pretty well with a few seats left over.

The ride to the airport gave us one last look at the island.  I was amazed at how much wind damage there was in smaller areas that I assumed was protected.  The trees and bushes are certainly all brown by now.  And when we arrived at the Causeway, the wall had been damaged on the Grotto Bay side but men were quickly rebuilding it.

The temporary wall helps create a barrier between us and the ocean!

The Causeway definitely had it's share of traffic but we moved through quickly.

In the background you can see the Causeway, a very long bridge linking the main island to the airport.

We got through U.S. Immigrations and security with no hassles.  There are times when having 3 sets of twins is a strategic benefit…the U.S. Immigrations officer just shook his head, laughed and said, “Go on…”.  I said, “How many kids do you have?”.  He said, “Two..and that’s enough!”.  Poor guy…he just hasn’t lived the good life yet.

We take up quite alot of room at the airport!

We had nearly 2 hours to wait in the terminal before loading up.  They put those stores and cafes right there for you to stare at…so, we bought more pop and candy…just what most people want to see your children eating before they get on an airplane with you.  The airport did have free WiFi, which was really nice.  So, I’m giving the Bermuda airport an A+ for customer service!  And I ran into my cousin Matthew who was on a business trip to Atlanta.

Before you knew it it was time to load up and hit the skies.  I hate that moment…I stare out that airplane window as long as I can see land below me, then cry.  I don’t know why Bermuda is so deeply ingrained in my heart.  Jacob said, “Mom, I don’t want to go.”  I said, “Buddy, you and me both.” But, go we must…and it will make our return someday even sweeter.

One last glimpse back...

Our flight into Atlanta was pretty good.  The kids got to watch “The Karate Kid” which is just what I needed…Ian will be karate-chopping every one tomorrow!  I thanked the Flight Attendant for giving him the ear phones…told her she’s welcome to keep the kid for a few days to rehabilitate him for me.

On our approach into Atlanta we were coming in nice and low, the flaps were open and the landing gear was already down…then suddenly the pilot pulled up, closed the flaps and took off for heaven.  Now, I told you I wasn’t necessarily terrified of flying but at this point I was terrified of flying.  Suddenly we were in this foggy golden haze but I couldn’t see Jesus anywhere so I assumed we were still over Atlanta.  He banked it back to the left pretty sharp and started circling back.  I’m thinking, “Someone has commandeered the plane and we’re going to New York City!”.  I have to explain that all I’ve eaten today was a cream puff and a Coke…I’m a little loopy anyway.  Finally the pilot said we were doing a “fly around” because they got a late report of a rain shower over the airport that had a large amount of wind.

Our second attempt to land went much better…but, now we’re about 20 minutes late to our gate and Grandma & Grandpa Frantz have only 30 minutes before their flight to Kansas City is scheduled to take off!  And we have to change concourses.  We were off and running…well, walking with great speed!  By the time we got to our gate Grandma Frantz had to take a breather!

There was a rainbow in the sky over the Atlanta airport...but we never found the pot of gold. Just Chili's restaurant which works for me.

We said our quick good-byes and Grandma & Grandpa Frantz boarded their plane…and off they went.

Our flight to Tulsa is going well.  We had to sit at the gate for quite some time without any air-conditioning.  I suppose that was a problem but since I’m always cold, I was just fine.  The stewards passed out cold water to pacify the crowd and the pilot arrived and apologized profusely.  I guess when the terminal A/C hookup is down the only resort is to let the pilot start the A/C…and the pilots were late to the gate.

Ali is sleeping.  Jesse is listening to some Hillsong music after watching “Ladder 49” for the 49th time.  Jacob is just relaxing. Braeden & Brock are playing a game on the iPad.  Ian is sleeping as well.  Darin is watching a movie on his iPhone.  I have a very tired troop here.  The 2-hour time change is starting to show it’s toll on us.

But, once again, I’m so thankful that this trip was possible.  The ladies at the clinic have kept things running far beyond our goals.  Brenda has not only kept the the clinic running smoothly but also our little farm.  We always love our time with Mom & Tim and having Grandma & Grandpa Frantz with us this time put a new twist to our adventure.  It’s fun showing someone else something that you love so much.  And Uncle Igor…he was a bit amusing.

I asked Ali what her favorite thing was and she said, “Going out on the pontoon boat.”  She said Hurricane Igor was her least favorite thing.   The pontoon boat was definitely a highlight of our trip but Hurricane Igor was not the worst thing…

Which brings me to my next wandering thoughts…

The 10 worst things about our trip to Bermuda:
10. I had to brush my teeth using only a bottle of water…yuck (the possibility of backwash is tremendous!)
9. There was no Portuguese Sweet Bread at the store today.
8. It’s hard to lose weight on a Cream Puff diet.
7.  Mom had a moped wreck…
6. I never got to go to Flatt’s to see the manta rays swim by.
5. There was no Portuguese Sweet Bread at the store today.
4. I could only fit 24 cream puffs in my suitcase.
3. Ian told me last night he wore the same underwear the entire trip.
2. We sure missed our animals…especially Ruthie.
1. We had to leave….

P.S. From Ruthie:


Ruthie loved her souvenir from Bermuda...but she can't read.


2 Responses

  1. ok…I had to laugh out loud when I read…”but I couldn’t see Jesus anywhere so I assumed we were still over Atlanta. ” I personally hate to fly & that would have so made me hyper ventilate!!
    So just let me know when I need to pack my bags & go with you to Bermuda. I will clear my schedule. 🙂 Glad you had a great time with your family. U so deserve it!

  2. Welcome Back!

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