Bermuda Vacation 2011: Childless in Paradise

We did it!  We made it to Bermuda without children!  It’s the strangest, most peculiar feeling to be here on vacation without them.   Bermuda just doesn’t quite look the same without the kids here to sift through the details with me!

Our flight from Tulsa was good.  Tami & Mark were ahead of us and we met them in Atlanta with just enough time to grab some lunch and make it to the gate to board.  Our in-flight movie was “Mr. Popper’s Penguins” so now I’m caught up with the kids who already saw the movie with Grandma!

It was so good to see Bermuda again.  We made it through Immigration and Bermuda Customs with no problems.  Actually, the plane was a bit early and we stepped out of the airport doors and onto the portico at 3:05 p.m.. We made really great time.

I’ll back-track a bit here…originally we thought we’d just take a taxi from the airport.  But, then Plan B was to hitch a ride with Tina (and save $45-50).  Plan C was immediately put into motion because Tina’s car isn’t big enough for 5 adults and 2 suitcases (I offered for one of us to walk).  So, Plan C was for Tina to borrow Mom’s car.  Plan C just kinda got stuck on the ground because we didn’t know if it was OK to borrow Mom’s car (and my Mom, the world traveler, was on a cruise).  Plan D was to call Phyllis and ask her if the car would be available.  That’s when Plan E became apparent:  Phyllis said Mom had already asked her to come pick us up!  Well, I didn’t know that! (and ironically neither did Mom!). I should have known right then that the taxi was really looking good.

So, we called Phyllis on Saturday just to make sure she knew our flight number and arrival time.  Plan E here we come!

So, back to the airport…and the portico…where we stood. And stood.  And stood.  I looked everywhere for Phyllis.  I assumed she’d be right there in the “I’m so glad you’re here” waiting area.  But, she wasn’t. So, I thought maybe she was on the sidewalk outside the doors distracted and talking to a local.  But, she wasn’t.   I scoured the parking area that she usually parks in but, honestly, I wasn’t totally sure what Mom’s new car looks like or the license plate number.

Plan E wasn’t looking so sharp.  Those taxis were looking pretty good!

Finally I decided to just walk the parking lot and try to find her.  Just as I stepped off the curb this little navy blue station wagon pulled out of a parking spot and there was Phyllis!  I yelled, “Phyllis!”.  She finally heard me and pulled the car a bit closer to me and stopped.  Tami & I went and said hello, popped the back hatch and put our luggage in.  Meanwhile the “boys” are still up on the sidewalk…not really sure why.  For the record let’s say they were discussing Bible verses or something.

I went around to the passenger rear seat door and climbed in.  Tami got in behind Phyllis.  This is when Phyllis turned around to hug me…so sweet.  Only problem was as she reached back to me her foot was extended onto the accelerator…just pushing with great joy!

OH MY WORD….PLAN F….evacuate the parking lot!  I screamed, Tami screamed…the car was lurching forward at a great speed.  I remember looking up to see if we had killed anyone.  Then I hurried and looked backwards to see if we had decapitated the men who by then were attempting to put their luggage in the back.  Apparently the car whizzed past Mark’s thigh.  There was no blood. Sweat? Yes…much. Tears? Wow…not yet but I’m almost sure someone in the car wet themselves. No names.

I will tell you that we all made it home safely.  We unloaded our luggage (with the car parked and off) then loaded up again for a short drive “down de’ road” to the local moped rental shop.

Uncle Mark had his first ride on a moped!  There is a practice circle at the shop where you take a lap before they’ll release you to the open road. Darin jumped on and did his lap in NASCAR fashion…been there, done that, give me my license!  Uncle Mark not so much.  The little man who worked there was from Pakistan or India…and had a terrible accent.  He kept saying, “Not safe…do again”.

Mark eventually got the hang of it and stayed off the grass long enough to gain access to the parking lot.  After a few laps around the shop, they let Tami get on with him.  By then he was practically a professional!

So, off we went…two by two. We had some spare time so we headed down to Horseshoe Beach to put our toes in the water.

Kristina, Tami and Mark at Horseshoe Beach

We were blessed to be able to meet Craig & Donna at The Swizzle for supper.  What a great evening…dining al fresco on the porch with some great company and great food.  Those peanuts on the airplane had LONG gone disappeared from my stomach!

The tree frogs are singing…the water looks marvelous…the view from the veranda is still priceless.  I’m home….childless, but home.


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