Bermuda Vacation 2011: Day 2 in Paradise

Those are some happy “pigs”!  You have no idea how happy your feet can be when they’re in that soft white sand…ah, paradise.

Well, it’s our first official full day so we started it out properly.  We went to the grocery store for essentials: New Zealand cheese, crackers, pop, Gatorade, eggs, lunch meat, cream puffs, Pringles and somehow some Chips Ahoy cookies…not sure who put them in there. But, it’s what we need to survive the brutal climate we’ve entrusted ourselves to.  Yep…it’s going to be hard but someone has to do it!

Here are the grocery shoppers!

Check out the choices at the deli...."lunch tongue", "souse"...!!!

Then, I attempted my daily 5K (3 mile) run.  Let’s just say I didn’t do so good. The wise man built his house upon the rocks…and I’m sure he didn’t try running in smooshie sand! I quit at 2.25 miles.  I was starting to walk most of it anyway.  Parts of me were exhausted that I didn’t even know I owned. That’s just too much work.

That's a picture of absolute TORTURE!

Darin, Mark and Tami joined me for a walk.  They explored the far end of the beach, down to Stonehole Beach.  By the time we got back to the mopeds my legs were like jelly! I’m not sure how well my little “training schedule” will go this week!

We cleaned up and headed to town for lunch.  I got my Beef Pie from the lunch cart at City Hall.  I was a happy person.

We ran into several cousins and friends.  We stopped by Crissons and told Alan hello while Tami tried on a few bangles.  We ran over to Sports R Us and got to visit with my cousin Darren, as well as Aline, Mom’s old school friend.  Cynthia’s daughter, Katrina, just happened to be there in the entryway so I yelled,  “Hi cousin!”.  Susan and Andrew were in Glendon’s shop but I didn’t get a chance to talk with them.  I really had a good day in town!

I don't know who this is although the face seems familiar?

We made our usual stops at Riihiluoma’s, A.S. Coopers, Makin’ Waves, etc..  We did more looking than buying but that’s fun for me. We made it over to the Cathedral to show Tami & Mark this beautiful church.  We found the ice cream shop on Front Street, because at our age it’s very important to eat dairy products for our calcium needs!

The brave ones went in...not me! The water is COLD.

But then it was time to hit the beach!  So, home we went for our swimsuits and off to Horseshoe Beach.  It was really perfect there.  Rumor is I fell asleep…possibly even snored.  I thought it was the sound of the waves coming in?  By the time we were done, most of the “boat people” had left and the beach was quite peaceful.

Tonight we drove to Dockyard and had supper at The Frog & Onion, which is owned by…well, a cousin.  It was nice.  Darin ate dolphin, scallops and shrimp.  Tami had WAHOO!  You can’t just say “wahoo”…you gotta say WAHOO!!  (It’s the happy fish!)  I had steak…you can take the girl out of Oklahoma but you can’t take away my STEAK!  I like fish in aquariums…not my plate.

We found a Moongate, and explained to Mark & Tami the tradition of couples kissing under the moongate.  You have to watch what you tell those two…I can’t show you some of the pictures!

We're trying to be good mentors to these kids...but....

...they think they're on their honeymoon!!

Dockyard was busy with the two large cruise ships in port.  The shops were open and they had entertainers in the park.  A magician was on the stage when we walked by…Braeden would have LOVED it!  I do know that the ice cream shop was open.  Thank you Lord for ice cream.

We drove back from Dockyard in the dark.  It was a bit chilly on the mopeds!  We stopped at Church Bay just to see what we could see.  The moon is nearly full and we thought there would be a great glow off the water.  Instead we saw a text from Jesse, “Call us.  We have a BIG problem with Henri.”

It's not pretty...poor fellow. A nice distal femoral fracture.

Well, that was the end of a good day…not the end of the day, just the end of the “good” part of the day.  From there it went downhill.  Apparently, witnesses say that Henri (precious Henri the 8 pound Golden Doodle dynamo who has stolen my heart) laid down in front of Ali as she was taking him outside for a potty break.  Ali tripped and fell on him.  Henri has a fractured femur (thigh bone).  I never even asked if Ali was O.K….just dawned on me!  What a horrible Mom!

Anyway, Dr. Woollett was kind enough to meet the kids back at the clinic and examine my little furry son.  They treated him for pain and suffering…and tomorrow (Tuesday) he’ll go to an orthopedic surgeon for repair.  It’s always something….

Day 2 in paradise…good food, beautiful beach, great company…broken dog.


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