Bermuda Vacation 2011: Love on the Rocks

Paradise isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be.  Sometimes it can get a little rocky.  It’s all part of what makes us strong!  Today we had a few rocks.

I started the morning bright and early with my “walk”.  Since I’ve been banned from the Railway Trail without my personal body guards (Jesse & Brock), I walked up and down the hill to the house (and up and down and up and down). Actually I went up and down the front hill twice and the back hill 3 times.  It was only 2 miles but it was that stupid hill (I know…I’m not supposed say stupid!  I owe you $0.25). Maybe it’s my problem with the altitude…maybe my blood isn’t used to sea level yet?  Can I possibly be suffering from low altitude sickness?

We had a big day today!  We drove our mopeds to Dockyard, stopping along the way at Whale Bay and Fort Scaur.  Whale Bay is right next to the Port Royal Golf Course where the PGA Grand Slam will be held next week.  The course is looking marvelous! We crawled around the fort there and took some interesting pictures at Fort Scaur.

Whale Bay

Fort Scaur

Mark's either curious or horribly pick.

At Dockyard we boarded the ferry to St. George’s, taking our mopeds with us.  The ride to St. George’s was so nice.  The water was calm and the skies were clear.  You couldn’t have asked for a better day to be on the water.

Darin & Mark had to take the mopeds to a different loading lane at the ferry.

In St. George’s we shopped a bit, ate lunch and then headed to Fort St. Catherine’s for a dip in the water. I actually got wet…kinda.  I sat in the sand and had to get up and wash off my posterior…it was short and painful…not my rear end, the swim.  Mark & Tami are very brave.  I just stay at the top of the high tide mark and enjoy life from my vantage point (someone has to watch the bags…).

We took a few one-way roads in the opposite direction but who really cares?  We made it from Fort St. Catherine’s to Craig’s boatyard, for a visit with the cousins.  Craig was getting ready to bring a boat up. We synchronized our watches and agreed to meet tomorrow, rather than Friday, for a boat ride with them on their 38 foot sailboat.

Previously named "Clearwater Beach", it's now Rocky-Bottom Beach to us. St. David's Lighthouse is in the background...just a pretty sight to me.

From there we headed to Clearwater Beach to do some swimming (after we passed the check point at the gate to the old U.S. Naval facility…it’s now an ice cream shop).  That’s where the rocks were…tiny rocks, smooth rocks…rocks.  There were just enough rocks to be annoying.  They weren’t so bad on the beach where you could see them but underwater they were a serious threat to your sanity and your pain tolerance.  We stayed at Clearwater Beach about 4 minutes.

That’s when we decided to go to John Smith’s Bay.  That was nice.  No rocks.  We all laid back and took a little afternoon nap and enjoyed the feeling of our rear ends being flat, instead of draped over a moped seat.  It was very refreshing.

But, all things must end…so, we loaded up again and headed to Flatt’s village to watch the stingrays come in against the tide. We were blessed to see several spotted rays dancing around in the water just below us.  Tami petted a sea turtle at the Aquarium, their local “zoo”. It was a beautiful evening. I wish Ian was here to do some fishing! There were some big ones hanging around under the dock.

Do you see the spotted stingray?

Tami and her sea turtle friend.

Our plan was to go home, change out of our swimsuits and head out for “Lobster Feast”, a Tuesday night event in Somerset.  But, it was good to be home…and our bodies are too old to endure another hour on the mopeds.  So, everyone cleaned up and sat down for Chinese take-out (that was fire hot!).  Those brave enough to eat it were blowing their noses and sniffing a bunch!  It was too much for me.

It was nice to sit at home and just relax after a great day.

The two cruise ships at Dockyard left this afternoon.  The Veendam has moved into Hamilton harbor and is moored on Front Street, just like in the old days.  The soccer stadium is all lit up as the Bermuda team is playing Guyana tonight. The water is like ice tonight and the reflection of the lights onto it is gorgeous.  My puppy is back in one piece thanks to 2 stainless steel pins in his leg.  The kids are having a great time with Grandma Ehlers and babysitting their invalid dog…I hope.

Life is good…even with rocks.


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