Bermuda Vacation 2011: The Perfect Day

This was truly the best day by far.  I’m not bragging because it’s Darin’s birthday…it simply was a great day.  The weather was perfect. The beach was perfect.  The boating was perfect.  The meals were perfect. The company was perfect.

We’re going to totally forget the fact that I had to run on the sandy beach at high tide. I lived…it was touch-and-go at times, but I lived.

The beach was perfect this morning...well, except for the sand, which I guess is not optional. There I am running...can you see me?

Horseshoe Beach was beautiful this morning.  We got there early before any tourists arrived.  It was just us and a handful of locals who were running or walking (or metal detecting). It was nice to enjoy the peace and beauty of the beach without the intrusion of tourists. Darin climbed up the rocks, so of course, we had to as well. What a great view!  There were even a school of parrot fish down in the “kiddie pool”.  What a sight.

Here's the real challenge! Find Tami & Mark on the beach!

The parrot fish are crossing from the stone in the shade to the larger boulder.

The water temperature today was about 76*F…about 12 degrees too cold for me!  But, Mark & Tami think it’s great so they went for a morning swim.  At one point they motioned me over.  Mark had contacted a fish earlier so I thought maybe a school of fish had returned to where they were swimming.  Tami was concerned about a jelly-blog thing swimming next to her!  Actually there were three.  At first I thought she was talking about the Portuguese Man-of-War but, turns out they were jellyfish.  Either way…they’re a no-no.

We stayed at the beach until nearly 11:00 a.m.. We sat under umbrellas and enjoyed the breeze.  People-watching was the sport of the day!  Tami suggested we print up small cards, perhaps the size of a business card to simply hand to people…with remarks like, “You really shouldn’t be wearing that” or “That is definitely not working for you” or “Bikinis not allowed in persons over 60 years of age!”. The “boat people” started arriving in busloads which was our clue to leave. But, also we needed to get ready for our day out on the boat.

There's the birthday boy!

We met Craig & Donna at Salt Kettle to board “Delta Dreamer”, their 38 foot de-masted sailboat.  They acquired the boat about 2 years ago after it was abandoned at their boatyard.  At the time it had been brought into Bermuda after losing it’s mast about 100 miles off the island.  A new mast with all the riggings & sails would be around $20,000. YIKES! But, it is an awesome pleasure boat and motoring it around is awesome.  It has a large cabin below that would sleep 7 or 8, a full galley, bathroom and sitting area.  Up top there was plenty of room for us all to sit.  I was very impressed.

We took a nice cruise around the harbor, past the Veendam, docked on Front Street and then over to Fairylands. Craig took us through a shallow passage past Spanish Point.  The boat has a depth gauge on it and we knew we needed 6 feet to pass.  I believe the gauge read 7 feet….whoo!  We made it!

We cruised through Dockyard and the marina there then made the passage back to “the islands”.  The skies were blue and the water at times was like glass.

Craig & Donna’s island, Delta Island, was our destination.  The island is so nice.  They have cleaned up the top so nicely with easy access to a trail and a tent area on top.  We walked the entire perimeter on the sharp rocks!  I was very thankful for very thick soled shoes!  We found pools of “fry”, baby fish.  They were trapped in tide pools…some were safe, others were dead.  I just kept thinking how Ian would have loved to pick those minnows up for bait!

We arrived at Delta Island and started setting up.

Tami & Mark snorkeled around the island. We watched the Jacks jump and the fry swim for their lives.  Craig barbecued some shish-ka-bobs and Donna made some rice.  It was like dining in a fine restaurant!  We ate aboard the “Delta Dreamer” and then celebrated Darin’s 45th birthday with his favorite cake…pumpkin pie!

Darin was way ahead of me as we circled Delta Island.

The snorkelers returned after circling the entire island.

It was like being on our own private yacht with a full crew! The captain and skipper...they cook, they clean, they entertain! Wow.

Craig & Donna gave Darin a "cash shirt" for his birthday! Isn't that clever??

After supper we cruised the long way back to Salt Kettle.  We got to enjoy a gorgeous sunset behind us.

Donna was back at the helm for the trip back to Salt Kettle.

We got to the mooring just as the full moon was rising over the harbor.  It was STUNNING…absolutely unbelievable.  It was like a Thomas Kincaide painting with the houses in silhouette, only their lighted windows glowing, reflecting on the water.  Then the moon started appearing over the horizon, glowing a peachy-gold and reflecting into Hamilton Harbor.  We couldn’t capture the picture by camera without a tripod (we tried but it was hideous).  So, we just stood on the deck of Delta Dreamer in awe of what God has made for us to enjoy.

Craig was saying as we motored back to the dock, “And people believe this all happened by accident…?!?”.

How could anyone look at the details of creation and believe that it all happened by mishap and evolution? The water knows where to rise and fall each day by itself? The moon knows it’s time to be full?  The Jacks know how to corner the minnows for a divine supper? The treefrogs know when to sing?

We worship the God of the universe…maker of all things perfect…like today.


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