Bermuda Vacation 2011: Storms are Brewing

Today was the day to go to town.  The skies have gotten dark and something is coming…not sure what but knowing our luck it’s a huge pile of rain! So, we thought we better scoot off to town now rather than tomorrow.

Tami & Mark stayed home and went to the beach.  They’re getting awfully brave.  They drove the moped to town all by themselves at noon to meet us for lunch.  I think they’re getting the hang of it! I believe I heard Tami say, “I think we need about 3 weeks.”  That’s what I always say!  It’s a 3 week minimum…it takes me one week just to get over the fact that I’m really here!  The 2nd week I’m really having a good time.  By the 3rd week, I’m ready to move in permanently!  That’s usually when the voice-of-reason tells me to pack up and go back to Oklahoma.  I hate when he does that.

Look at those professionals! They drove right past us like seasoned moped owners!

Actually, we had a purpose in going to Hamilton.  I checked on my Bermuda status at the Immigration Department.  Apparently they do things on “Bermuda time”.  Normally an “inquiry” takes 12 months, but since they wrote us a note in April asking for an amended portion of the document, the clock starts again.  So, I won’t know anything until April 2012.  She also told us there is no one who is given the job of reading the applications.  They get put on a lady’s desk who has other jobs to do.  If she gets caught up with her job, she’ll read the applications.  If not, oh well.

Nothing here gets done quickly (well, except me eating a cream puff!).  But, part of that can be charming.  I love the slow pace.  I love that people will stop and chat on the road (as long as they’re not right in front of me).  You just sense a more relaxed pace.  Time is perhaps savored…

After lunch at the Bistro (yummy hamburgers!) we did a bit of shopping.  I don’t want to give away any surprises, but it’s fun to shop at the Phoenix drug store!  They have SO much candy!!! Did you know they make dark chocolate KitKats?

We tried to go to Fort Hamilton.  We were there exactly 3 minutes when Darin said, “We have to leave!  It’s going to rain”.  There was a huge cloud bearing down on us and we could see rain on south shore from the fort.  So, we made haste back to our humble steeds and off we went!  We went home via Harbor Road, only to get stopped by a work crew attending to a water main break.  That made us nervous!  But, we finally got the green light and continued on…on dasher, on dancer, on prancer, on vixen…sorry, wrong story.

We hurried home…never got wet.  It never rained.  But, we were prepared in case it did!  It was very, very good practice.

It did rain in Paget and we got to witness a beautiful rainbow to our east.   We took advantage of the weather change to just sit on the veranda and relax.  It’s the perfect place to read a book or catch a nap.  Personally, I went looking for a few kittens who are starting to call our yard home.  They’re just too feral to catch but they’re fun to watch.

No worries....

Tonight we hopped back on the mopeds and drove over to Alan & Donna’s house.  I wanted to show Darin the wonderful work they’ve done on Aunt Mary & Uncle David’s house.  It really is nice.

The big finale was supper at Elbow Beach at Mickey’s Beach Bistro!  We had the privilege of sitting right down at beach level, listening to the surf and watching the waves crash in.  Are you ready for this?  Aunt Tami had mushroom risotto with lobster…tail included. Mark & I had  steak with this amazing broccoli & cauliflower cake!  Darin had these ginormous prawn…they looked scary. We ate couscous with pumpkin.  And we felt obligated to enjoy their desserts as well: chocolate mousse with raspberry sorbet, cheesecake with mango salad, mango sorbet and this chocolate expresso ice cream yummy thing called, “affogato” that possibly may keep Tami awake until 2012!  Our waiter was from Romania.  He knew how to say, “Yes”, “No” and “I don’t know” and “Would you like more water?”.  We bonded.

The wind is really kicking up.  The surf was really quite rough tonight, but made gorgeous white foamy waves.  There was a kitesurfer taking advantage of the waves just beyond where we sat.  He zipped one direction and then another.  He grabbed alot of air on his jumps.  Then he came onto land and kicked off his kiteboard.  But, the kite was still in the air.  We kept thinking, “He’ll bring the kite down fast” or “There must be some way to quickly deflate the kite”.  His kite was FULL of air. He was walking along the beach with the board in one hand and the other hand on his kite cable…then he kinda skipped up in the air, then ran a bit and the last we saw him he was on foot and still attached to his kite.  You might watch out for him…he was headed west.

We heard on the news there is a cyclone building in the Bahamas and charted to head our way.  If it becomes a Tropical Storm it will be named  Rina.  Rina needs to just stay down in the Bahamas!

The tree frogs are singing and the night air feels so good.  It’s almost hypnotic.  I can get relaxed pretty easily. Yawn…..zzzzzzzzz.


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