Bermuda Vacation 2011: Fancy That!

Another great day!  I think we’ve come up with a great plan for the perfect vacation…it’s called RELAXING!  No worries…no schedules…no cooking…no cleaning…!  Ahhhh.  Is this how all the other people have been doing it all along?  Why didn’t someone tell me!

It was my running day so we started at the beach. The wind was really strong and the waves were big again.  With the rough surf comes seaweed…about a ton of it!  It had blown so much overnight that the beach had little dunes over by the beach house.  We stayed down at the beach just enjoying the waves and rough surf.  There weren’t lots of people there which is just my cup of tea.

Horseshoe Beach was loaded with seaweed this morning.

Then a kitesurfer showed up!  We watched him unpack his kite and lay all the lines out.  Then he inflated the leading edge of his kite with a foot pump.  He put on his harness, grabbed his kite board and headed toward the water.  As he walked toward the water, he let his kite fill with air then the next thing we knew he was off!  He was zipping back and forth on the water.  Every now and then he’d take a big jump, grab his board, turn around…it was amazing.  I tried my best to keep my camera peeled on him but timing is everything.  By the time he was jumping, either someone would walk in front of us or he’d be back down by the time the shutter closed.  I did try!

The kitesurfer started walking his kite to the waters edge.

It looks really fun…scary and fun all at the same time.  The water was so rough. He’d take a big jump off a wave but he was at the winds mercy to come back down…and that might be on the crest of another wave (crash).  He’d be back up in 3 seconds and off again.  I wanted to stay and see how he came back to shore and packed it in but we ran out of time (I was hungry).

We jumped on our mopeds and headed back to St. George’s to check on two GeoCaches that needed repairs.  Despite some impending rain and all that wind, we did very well and stayed dry.  We went to Gates Fort to show Tami & Mark the entrance into St. George’s harbor.  Then we went to tend Mom’s GeoCache which was at such a beautiful overlook spot.

Gates Fort

They say a picture states a thousand words...and this picture is just shouting out that the honeymoon is over and Tami is going overboard! Don't you think?

Overlooking St. George harbor

Then we headed to Flatt’s to see what we could see…but, all that we could see was…the other side of the ocean!  No stingrays. But, it’s always worth a try!


We took North Shore back to town so we could drive through Black Watch Pass…I love that.  It’s not like there aren’t tunnels back home or even quarried out rock…it’s just neat.  And the best part is we didn’t get lost.  Last time I took someone to Black Watch Pass we ended up at the dump.

Black Watch Pass

It was our last trip to town for some last-minute shopping.  Tami picked up a second pair of silver bangles!  She’s becoming ME!  I hear a jingle and it’s her…not me.   I’m very used to the sound of the bangles and knowing it’s either me or mom (usually I know when I’m around me..usually).  But, in Tami’s defense, she’s trying to ward off arthritis in her right hand.  I told her that’s why we wear them (because medicinal silver just sounds good and helps you rationalize the purchase!).  We had already given her one pair, but another pair was in order.

We had big plans for supper…reservations at the Waterlot.  Yes…fine dining in our fancy-shmancy clothes with waiters that put your napkin on your lap and clean up your crumbs after every course.  That’s what I’m talking about!  Our waiter was Michael, from Jamaica…great guy and a delight (and he spoke English).

Tina & Tommy picked us all up.  We rode in 2 cars to avoid bad hair and the rain.  Waterlot is a beautiful historic house (over 300 years old) that has been converted into a restaurant.  It’s right on the water.  Beautiful.

I know you’re dying to know what we had…so, here it is: Tami & Darin had “surf & turf” with lobster and steak.  Mark had a filet with blue cheese and I had my signature ribeye with peppercorn gravy.  Wow.  That was just the main course.  We had Caesar salad, tiger shrimp, fish chowder, onion soup, baked pototoes, potatoes au gratin (which should be “awwwww-gratin” because they were AWesome), macaroni & cheese (don’t was the most elegant mac & cheese), asparagus with Hollandaise sauce and mixed vegetables.  But, wait…there’s more!  DESSERT…the real reason for eating out!  We had red velvet cake, mud pie and apple pie ala mode.

At that point it was a little hard to leave.  The chairs were these luscious upholstered high back chairs…I was comfortable.  I was FULL.  It would have been nice to just take a little nap and stay a while!  But, poor Michael had put up with us long enough and the stories were getting to be a little outrageous.  Seems like no one can forget Darin’s little indiscretion last year when he brought certain illegal items accidentally in his bag last year!

Did I mention that when the waiter dropped off the ticket Darin grabbed it…yeah, that was scary.  It had lots of numbers on it…BIG numbers like $720! No joke! We were calm though…we knew a secret.  Tommy is employed by the hotel that runs the restaurant and he gets a very handsome discount.  Thank you Lord for Tommy’s discount! We just like to pretend we’re fancy…we’re not so fancy.

It was a great evening…good food, good company and even a rain shower (which if Tommy was God he would arrange for all rain showers to be in the evening).  We discussed Tommy being God.  I think we’ll just let God be God…He knows best.


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