Bermuda Vacation 2011: Last Day in Paradise

What do you do when you have 24 hours left in paradise?  Do you just sit in one place and try to slow the clock or do you run at full speed and absorb all you can?  We just weren’t sure what to do.

We had a good rain overnight, the humidity was really high but the skies were clearing very nicely. So, all in all, it looked like a “go” day.

The clouds were beautiful today.

After my walk, we headed to the beach.  Believe it or not, I got wet.  I thought, “It’s my last day…why not get in?”.  So, I just headed to the water (it did help that I was so sweaty from my walk and eager to cool off…it gave me temporary insanity!).  I put my feet in and about wet my pants!  It’s way too cold for this girl.  But, Tami grabbed my wrist and Mark pushed me from behind…further and further we went.  The surf was still rough and before I knew it a wave slapped me upside the head and I was officially WET.  By then the shock had started to wear off and my heart rate was OK so I stayed in a bit.

Tami & Mark head back into the water.

Aren't the clouds amazing?

We ate our lunch at the beach.  We thought it was fun to throw some french fries at some shore birds.  Poor things couldn’t figure out what they were and kept dropping them.  But, they must have emailed their cousins, the sparrow family…because they ALL showed up to eat!  I know God’s eye is on the sparrow, but, I was sure hoping He was watching over us so we didn’t get any bird poop on us! They were flying all around us in a frenzy.  I’ve never been assaulted by sparrows before…but, this was close.

Not just 1 or 2 sparrows...the whole stinking family showed up with their sad little beaks.

It’s my nephew Josh’s 20th birthday today!  Wow…I can’t believe it. I made him a birthday card and sent it to him while we were at the beach.  It was the best I could do.

We stayed until we couldn’t take it any more.  That sun is so powerful!  I was hiding under an umbrella and enjoying the breeze but Tami & Mark were roasting.  I have decided that a wide-brimmed straw hat is in order!

Our view from the veranda this afternoon was...well, beautiful. I say that alot but I mean it! The little sailboats in the Sound were so pretty.

This afternoon we were in the lazy mode…just watching the sailboats go by in the harbor and doing a bit of packing.  Tami & Mark took a solo voyage on their bike and ended up at Rockaway!  They really are brave! It’s fun seeing them enjoy Bermuda.  I have this, “Oh, I hope they love it” apprehension when people visit the place I love so much.  I’m always rather nervous wondering what they really think.  I do believe they love it…except for the tree frogs which apparently sound like an annoying swing rubbing back and forth at the elementary playground. I’ve never thought of them that way.  But, when you concentrate on just one…perhaps there is a squeaky cadence. I just think it’s a beautiful orchestra!

Tonight we met Craig & Donna at the North Rock Brewing Company.  It was very nice!  Just guess what we ate…your choices are steak, shrimp and barbecue ribs.  Yep…that’s what we had! Oh, Craig had Mahi-Mahi or dolphin.  Ian you would have loved it! Now dessert…that is where the living is!  Chocolate mousse, creme brulee, bread pudding…now we’re talking!  There is no end to the goodies on this island.  The tongue and tummy have been overwhelmed this week…absolutely thoroughly entertained!

It was bittersweet to have such a good evening with family.  I hate the notion of packing up tonight.  But, we both agree coming here without the kids was a mistake.  Being here is so much more enjoyable when we have them to share it with.  So, in that regard, I’m excited to go home and get caught up on their lives and all the much-needed hugs I’ve missed all week.  And, I’m excited to return to Bermuda again…this time with the kids.  Then it will feel right again.


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