Who is Marma Stewbeck

You might ask, “Who is Marma Stewbeck?”. Well that’s my nickname, given me by my sister. She says I’m a combination of Martha Stewart and Erma Bombeck! I’m not sure which part of which woman I am?? I like to think I’m a little crafty, somewhat handy in the kitchen and most of all able to laugh at all the disruptions in between! Laughter is God’s healing medicine sometimes…it does the soul good!

This blog is about me and my amazing family as I attempt to document our adventures.

I am a:
Mother of 6
Wife of 20 years…and counting.
Goat Wrestler
Chicken Butcher
Wanna-Be Horse Whisperer
Family Chef

I am sure there is more and the order changes daily.


10 Responses

  1. Love the Blog and pictures! Wish I was there.

  2. Hi Kristina … Rick and I were in Bermuda on vacation at the beginning of the summer. Steph gave me the link to your blog .. t’s fun to read and remember the amazing weather, awesome beaches and overall most beautiful place we’ve ever see. We especially loved the view from the top of the lighthouse!! Have a great time!

  3. hey kris! loving the pictures – it looks so beautiful, and you’re too funny 🙂 enjoy your trip!

  4. Kris- Love the blog! The photos are breathtaking!!!!

  5. Kristina,
    Thanks for sharing your sense of humor and awesome pictures. I am getting such a kick out of your writings.
    Lisa Swords

  6. Marma Stewbeck:
    What a vacation! Good you all could go and have the great time the pictures show. You are building memories for the kids for a life time. Also good to have you back with us. We are really enjoying our new friends at First Christian!
    Our love,
    John & Gladys

  7. Kris, you know that all the “Women of Faith”
    have a story to tell.
    I can see you traveling the US on stage with
    those ladies, and I know you can sing.
    Ask Cathy Wheeler about the “red leather” pants
    I’ll get you a pair too.
    Love, the blogs. Your life remindes me of my youth
    being the oldest of 7, but I don’t remember it being as
    much fun just lots of work.
    Love you Kris/chicken plucker

  8. I love you, and I already miss our Wed. together. Your blog is GREAT….

  9. I really enjoy your blog! What a great way to update friends and family of your happenings. I am so happy for your new adventure with the Vet hospital

  10. Hi Kristina,
    Love reading your blog, we’re heading to Bermuda on a cruise in 2 weeks, can’t wait!!! We are also going to rent a pontoon boat and I was just wondering where Jews bay is for that wonderful pick up spot? I can’t seem to find it on any maps that I have. Your family sounds wonderful, keep writing.

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