Strange phenomenons are occurring….

It’s been a weird week for me…stranger than usual (and it’s only Wednesday!).  Things have been appearing and disappearing and reappearing.  Usually it’s my memory but this time it’s been tangible things…concrete things…things I can look at.  And it’s not my wallet or keys.

This week I lost a fishhook…and a cat.  I never found the fishhook and I found the cat.  The cat did not take the fishhook.  I still don’t know where the fishhook is and I’m pleading the 5th for any more information about it’s whereabouts.  Actually, if I were a drinker I’d be drinking a 5th…the fishhook made me CRAZY.  I’m still a bit nervous about the whole thing.

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Bermuda Vacation 2009: Day #3

Nannie always like to take the scenic route.  That wouldn’t be a real popular choice these days with the price of fuel and all the economic challenges that exist.  But, she’d do the exact same thing if she were here today!

Today we took the scenic route.  We went to Hamilton to look at the shops and just see how the city has grown and changed over the last year.  Because all 10 of us were traveling together, we opted to take the bus rather than the mopeds.

Darin, Tim and I all have bus passes for unlimited travel for the month of June.  They gave us a wonderful laminated pass that we can use to get on any bus or ferry whenever and wherever we want!  Well, technically we bought them….  The kids have little paper tokens that they have to drop into the glass collection jar when we enter the bus.  They like the responsibility of carrying their own ticket and do a good job.

The missing Bas Pass

The missing Bus Pass

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I Guess I’m Just A Little Grouchy Today….

I just can’t figure out a few things about people. Personally, I try my best to accommodate people and be “kind and loving to one another, forgiving one another, just like Christ Jesus forgave (me)”. Well, sometimes the forgiveness part comes a little late, but I do try. I usually can find something redeeming about everyone and hope they do the same for me.

This week I’ve just been annoyed with people in general (so much for the forgiveness part!). We’ve been working very hard at the clinic, working long hours and tending to various personal events in the lives of our staff. We do our best to schedule appointments at the client’s earliest convenience or we work with their personal schedules to accommodate them. If bending over backwards was an Olympic sport, we’d be in the medal round! When people just walk in the door without an appointment we try not to yell out “RUDE” and just grin and work them in (maybe under my breath I say, “Thanks alot buddy. I’ll just eat lunch sometime tomorrow while I help you out with your emergency nail trim?”).

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Here Kitty, Kitty….

I’ve told you before about little Precious Fluffer kitty who absolutely stole our hearts. She became the first official “Clinic Cat”. She continues to be the princess of the clinic, beautiful in every way. She’s still very petite and just gorgeous. She loves Darin and makes sure he knows it (she’s a smart girl!). She patronizes him every afternoon without fail while she snubs her nose at me. That girl has attitude!

Fluffer and Darin read the latest DVM News.

Fluffer and Darin read the latest DVM News.

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Remodeling is for the Birds!

Baby chicks

Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens....

See what happens when you smell paint fumes too long!  You turn into a bird…!  Or in this case, maybe I’ve been driven to lay an egg or two (or 31).

Meet our newest family members.  You’ll notice that they’re not all of the same kind!  The boys bought some Red Stars this time and they are the beautiful golden chickens.  They are a hybrid, sex-linked bird that are prolific brown-egg layers.  A “sex-link” chicken is one that can be sexed by it’s color at birth rather than having to be put through the contortions of a degrading, and often inaccurate, physical exam. 

We heard many good things about these Red Stars…they’re not only good layers, but they start laying early, lay through hot and cold and they’re friendly.  Isn’t that nice?  Smart, hard-workers and they have a good personality! Continue reading

More Puppies!

Puppies, puppies, puppies....

Puppies, puppies, puppies....

We now officially have puppies coming out our ears! Polly had 8 puppies Thursday morning. Actually she had nine but, one didn’t make it. We have only one yellow and the rest are brown. One little boy has a cleft palate, which is very sad. His time on earth is limited and we’ll have to make a decision really soon on what to do with him. For now, he’s happy with his mommy so we’re leaving it at that. Continue reading

The Puppies are Here!


Molly with her eight puppies!

Molly kept her promise and waited to have her puppies after we got home. Wasn’t that thoughtful of her? Her sister, Polly, is also due any minute. I am requesting that she have her puppies in the light of day. I’m too old to pull another all-nighter!

The poor thing had a miserable day. She decided about midnight to get the show on the road. Fourteen hours and 60 units of Oxytocin later, we had 8 puppies. It was a long, drawn-out process. Continue reading