What’s smaller than a little bitty-bit?

Back at Mangrove Bay...

Today is the day…I’m really going home.  It’s been a great 5 days…a perfect amount of time away from the kiddos & a great time spent with family.  Any longer and I’d be heartbroken, any less and I wouldn’t have realized just how much relaxation you can do without so much responsibility.  And frankly, this trip was a bit cheaper….!!

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And a little bitty bit more…

The roots on the Screw Palms are amazing...they're called "prop roots".

Darin and I took off on another adventure today, just checking on potential GeoCaching spots and doing a little maintenance on those already out.  Our journeys took us to Mangrove Bay, Horseshoe Beach, Harbor Road, Hamilton, Flatts and back home in time to get ready for supper. Not a bad day…

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And just a bit more…

Warwick Long Bay

Today we hit the ground running…OK, walking…OK, with a cream puff, Coke and a little rest on the verandah.  But, I’m on my second honeymoon (that’s what I’m calling it now) so I think it’s proper for me to start a day like this!

Mom & I went over to the Homestead to meet with the  people who are leasing the home.  Mom needed to see the improvements to the final apartment upstairs. Everything is looking very nice and they’re working very hard to make the property more modern and more functional.  Hopefully soon they’ll have a new water well dug very soon to ease the water supply problems.  They’ll also address the driveway issues…and best of all:  Jackie has invited us all out to eat at one of his Italian restaurants tomorrow night!

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And a bit more…

The view is still spectacular but the leaves are scorched on many trees and bushes. They've changed from brown to reddish-brown since last week.

After 12 hours of sleep, things are looking more clear to me now!  The view from the verandah is still wonderful, despite the salt-sprayed, scorched vegetation below.  Some trees faired pretty well and others are stripped clean.  It almost looks like fall back home with the reddish tints to the dead leaves.

Darin & I hit the road early and stopped by some GeoCaches that needed to be moved.  We always meet friendly people along the way.  This morning we met a man from the local florist who was on the Railway Trail cutting and snipping various leaves for a floral arrangement!  Ferns and tropical leaves that we would pay a fortune for are free for the picking on every corner.  He knew what he was doing though and crept through the bushes finding the exact number of leaves of each species to make his floral design perfectly Bermudian.   I wish I could show you all the plants that grow wild here…like a weed…but, that we consider a valuable plant!

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Just a Bit More Bermuda…

Our first view of the island was through the clouds.

Life sometimes throws you some curves.  And in this instance, death does as well.  Darin and I have found ourselves back in Bermuda only days after leaving the island.  Nannie’s sister, Kate, passed away early Monday morning.  Fortunately, Mom & Tim were still here and cancelled their outbound flight (again).  The funeral is tomorrow.

Darin did some fancy footwork to get everything arranged while I was busy at the clinic.  But by Tuesday evening we had childcare (thanks Grandma & Grandpa!!), tickets to Bermuda and staff to cover my absence!   All I have to say is DON’T ask for a “bereavement flight” from any of the airlines…it will cost MUCH more than a normal flight while they’re making you feel fortunate to get what they have leftover.  It’s a rip-off. Continue reading