Fall Ain’t so Bad…

That time change came just in time to save my sanity!  I’ve enjoyed waking up in the SUNLIGHT for a change!  Of course, the trade-off is driving home in the dark every night.

But, the leaves have really become  so absolutely gorgeous.  The kids have been playing outside and we’ve been taking bike rides just to enjoy the cooler weather and beautiful views.   Here is some of what we’ve been doing the last few days:

Technically this is an "Ali-Alley-Oop"!


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A Season of Thunder…

We did something extra-special this year and purchased season passes to the Oklahoma City Thunder, a new NBA team for our state.  Darin has always wanted to live somewhere (like Kansas City) where he could enjoy professional sports teams.  Even though Oklahoma City is 2 hours away, it is the closest thing we have to our own local team, so we jumped on the basketball bandwagon with two tickets to every home game this season (42 games!).  An added plus is that the Thunder organization “owns” two previous Kansas University basketball athletes, Cole Aldrich and Nick Collison.  And as each NBA team visits our state, Darin will get to see other KU alumni that have thrilled him over the years.  So, it’s a good thing…Darin has his “dream” and each of our children get a special date with Dad to go to their favorite game.

I was chosen to attend the season opener, because…well, because “if momma ain’t happy then nobody’s happy”.  It probably doesn’t exactly go like that but since “we” bought the season tickets “we” supposed “we” should experience what it’s like to attend a professional ball game so “we” would know exactly what the kids were going to enjoy!  Did you follow that?

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