Bermuda Vacation: Summary

We’ve been home over 24 hours now. I’ve done 4 loads of laundry, unpacked 8 suitcases, smelled my horses (they still smell good), worked at the Farmer’s Market, vacuumed up way too much sand and our Labrador’s water just broke. It’s been a busy 24 hours!

I know you’re as worried about the cream puffs as I was. We picked up our luggage yesterday immediately following the Farmer’s Market. They offered to deliver it, but at this point, you just have to take things in your own hands and get the job done.

Delta Airlines said our luggage was simply not allowed on the plane because of a weight limit. I guess all those other 40 people took up all the space! I feel a little better now about letting them sweat.

The luggage was a bit wet. It must have gone through alot of rain. Water had even gotten inside the box of breads. I felt it was necessary to sample the cream puffs ahead of the children, for their safety, of course. The first one tasted fine but I couldn’t really be sure until I tried the second one. They were both fine….really fine.

I have just a few remaining glimpses of Bermuda…flowers and critters and things that just make Bermuda a tropical paradise. Continue reading


Bermuda Vacation: Final Day

All’s well that ends well…right??

Tuesday we woke up to a another beautiful day in Bermuda. Brock and I took a nice walk down the railway trail and found another shortcut to South Shore. He thought it was very clever that we cut off about 2 miles. I thought it was probably a good choice with my novice apprentice!

Darin took Brock to town to buy a sand-dollar. He had hoped the entire trip to find one on the beach, but it never materialized. So, we did the next best thing…headed to the Hodge-Podge which has an enormous selection of shells from who-knows-where. But, he now has in his hot, little hands, a beautiful sand-dollar.

Front of Sand Dollar

Front of Sand Dollar: Can you see the Easter Lily with the star in the center?

Back of Sand Dollar

Back of Sand Dollar: Can you see the Poinsettia?

Have you ever heard the “Legend of the Sand Dollar”? Continue reading

Bermuda Vacation: Day 18

How would you like to wake up to a view like this?? This morning was perhaps the clearest view we’ve seen yet. The wind has finally turned around to the south and the harbor is calm. It’s still hot but the haze on the horizon seems to have lessened. No matter what the weather phenomenon, it’s GORGEOUS!


Monday Morning View

I’ve been looking at all our pictures and seeing things that I don’t think I’ve shown you. If I have, just ignore me. Continue reading

Bermuda Vacation: Day 17

The skies today were beautiful and the water, despite the low tide, was perfect for the 'Round the Island powerboat race. There were hundreds of boats anchored around the Great Sound to see the powerboats circle the area. (click to enlarge)

The skies today were beautiful and the water, despite the low tide, was perfect for the 'Round the Island powerboat race. There were hundreds of boats anchored around the Great Sound to see the powerboats circle the area. (click to enlarge)

It’s shaping up to be a grand day! But, I will have to tell you that getting to church around this island is difficult. The public transit system has no desire to cater to anyone wanting to travel anywhere before 11:00 a.m. on a Sunday! And, the meager buses that do travel the system were inundated with passenger (yes, we could take a taxi but that’s too expensive!).

Last night we had this discussion on where we were going to go to church. It’s not a debate of ARE we going to church but WHERE. And that all depends on the bus! The schedule is such that if we take the steep hill in front of the house, we can catch the Number 8 to town…but, that hill is enough to make you want to cuss (which probably isn’t appropriate for church-goers preparing their hearts and minds for worship!). Continue reading

Bermuda Vacation: Day 16

We only have 3 days left. I know James and Lydia are praising the Lord for that. They’ve been taking care of all our animals…3 dogs, 13 cats, 43 chickens, 31 goats, 6 horses, 1 donkey, 1 pig, 2 calves and about 4,587,483 mosquitoes. I know they’re having way too much fun, but they’re probably anxious for us to come home!

So, I have good news and bad news for them. The good news is that we’re really having fun here and would love to stay a bit longer. And, I’ve heard that James has been fixing things around the farm. That is a big “amen” and if he could stick around for another 3-5 years, we might have that place running smoothly!

The bad news is there is a hurricane that possibly could turn up this way in the next few days. We might just have to stay! The hurricane “models” show the storm coming up off the coast of Florida or possibly right to Bermuda. You can follow the tropical storms at websites like Weather Underground or SharkOil.BM

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Bermuda Vacation: Day 15

Horseshoe Beach at Sunset.

Horseshoe Beach at Sunset.

The island is totally consumed with the death of the 18 year old boy last Saturday. Five juveniles have been arrested in connection with the murder. Unlike America, all their names, ages and faces have been plastered on the front page of every newspaper and television. They have all been charged with murder and will all be tried as adults even though the youngest is only 15 years old. Justice appears to be swift and the public spectacle of their identities is actually refreshing. All 5 children are in jail right now awaiting the next court hearing. None have been released on bail. They must face the consequences of their actions. Continue reading

Bermuda Vacation: Day 14

I hate to bore you with another day in paradise! But, 14 days later and we’re still having fun! I can’t believe we only have a few days left. It’s really starting to bug me that I have to go back to reality. This trip has been such a true “vacation” for me. We’ve had little or no itinerary and have just taken each day as it comes. I’ve really enjoyed the freedom from all the responsibility that our little farm brings. And I haven’t missed the mosquitoes, ticks and chiggers a single bit!

Hamilton Harbor from Fort Hamilton

Hamilton Harbor from Fort Hamilton (click to enlarge)

Today we lazed around the house so Darin could work and I could manage all those pictures from yesterday’s boat trip. The kids were getting a little stir-crazy so I had an awards ceremony with a box full of Beanie-Babies that my cousin gave us. Continue reading