Bermuda Vacation 2010: Day 18 – Back Home

Now THAT's what I call hurricane damage...!!

I had no idea that hurricane damage would reach as far as Oklahoma!  Wow…did you see that pile of stuff!  It took me ALL day to  get clean clothes in their proper place, dirty clothes through the washer, suitcases stored away and the mail sorted through.  I’m almost sure that Igor came home in one of those suitcases….it was devastating.

But, back to reality we are…our biological clocks are still on Bermuda time..waking at 5:30 a.m. to figure out that we’re up too early!

Back on “the rock”, Mom & Tim finally have power.  Belco arrived Thursday afternoon around 4:45 p.m. to start repairs and by 8:00 p.m. they had electricity again.

In the meantime, The Royal Gazette called Mom wanting to interview her for an article about her power outage.  Remember that Darin had called Belco telling them a “senior citizen with a handicapped son” needed power.  Well, Tina posted a similar comment on Facebook that got picked up by The Royal Gazette and the next thing we know Mom’s being interviewed for a story and they’re asking to use a picture of the kids off the Blog!

Mom was already in the newspaper once this week.  Although they incorrectly spelled her name, she was featured in an article complaining about the bus service being suspended on Tuesday.

This is getting interesting!!

Back home, we’re just trying to stay out of trouble.  Braeden & Brock had an orthodontist appointment to get their braces ready for their upcoming surgery.  They’ll have their wisdom teeth extracted in October and then their jaw surgery in December.  Jacob had a broken retainer, so that took time to address.  Jesse had mowing to do…lots of mowing.  Ian had some fishing to do (I know..tough life) so we went to the bait shop and bought some worms and some minnows.  He didn’t catch anything but it’s always fun to talk about the ones that got away.  Ali, well, she’s just happy to be home to ride her bike and play with her toys.

I’m off to work tomorrow.  We have a couple of surgeries scheduled so I’m diving back in hand-first!  That was funny….hand-first!  I just thought of that.

Darin is meeting a mason later today to discuss the new tile for our new addition.  If all goes well, we might be moved into our new portion of the house in   4-6 weeks!  That is good news.

Ruthie…she’s good.  The horses are good. The goats are good.  The chickens are good and laying lots of eggs.  The donkey is good.  The cats are good.  I’m thinking we’re all just pretty good.


Bermuda Vacation 2010: Day 17 – Going Home…

The sunrise through our neighbor's 2nd story verandah.

Wow…can you believe I’m writing this while flying across the United States somewhere over Georgia?  Or is it Tennessee?  By the time I get done it will probably be Oklahoma!

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Bermuda Vacation 2010: Day 16

Our house is on the top, in the center. What a climb!

It was like waking up in a new location!  The winds are calm, the birds are singing, the traffic is on the road and there are no white caps on the water.  However, I was quickly brought back to reality because the transformer is still on the ground!

The transformer would make a nice planter...or end table.

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Bermuda Vacation 2010: Day 15

Horseshoe Beach early this morning

Today started a little earlier than I had planned.  I woke up at 3:00 a.m. because everything was too quiet!  The room had gotten warm and all I could hear was the hum of the ceiling fan in the kitchen.  I got out of bed and looked out the slits in the shutters and the plants in the courtyard were standing upright!  WOW…that was a strange sight!  We have   a miniature oleander and a rosemary bush in the flowerbed and those poor plants have been leaning to the west for over 24 hours!  I was so happy to see little “rosemary” doing well.

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Bermuda Vacation 2010 Day 14: The Day of Reckoning…

The view to South Shore looks ominous.

Well, we’re either ready or we’re not.

The day started with wind and rain. By 9:15 a.m. our power was out due to the first hard squall line.  The power came back on within 5 minutes according to the neighbor but we had the generator up and going by then (I believe we were called “American weenies”).  We turned the generator off 45 minutes later and within minutes the 2nd squall came by canceling out the power.  This time we waited patiently for the power to return because the neighbor said we’re always the last to lose power.  Or sometimes we’re the first!  My cousins in Paget still have power….

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Bermuda Vacation 2010: Day 13

This is the final, final day of preparations!  The groceries and supplies had to be bought by yesterday as all the stores closed today. We also heard that the airport took it’s last flight out this morning and the Causeway (the bridge to the airport and St. George’s) has been shut.  Today was just the final day to check off the basic needs of the house: put away all the lawn furniture, fill the tub with water, take the propane tanks off the side of the house, turn off the water pump, close all the shutters and hardwire the generator into the breaker box.

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Bermuda Vacation 2010: Day 12

Tonight's waves on South Shore were mighty!

This is our day of final preparations for Hurricane Igor.  By tomorrow, the stores shelves will be empty and the wind will become so harsh that they probably will close the Causeway and the airport.  I’m pretty sure we won’t be taking the mopeds out very far from home due to the extreme winds. We already heard rumors today that homes built near the beach in Devonshire were evacuating (the wise man builds his house upon the hill!).  The neighbor also told us that the road at John Smith’s Bay was covered in water at high tide.

Hurricane Igor's projected path...

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