Fall Ain’t so Bad…

That time change came just in time to save my sanity!  I’ve enjoyed waking up in the SUNLIGHT for a change!  Of course, the trade-off is driving home in the dark every night.

But, the leaves have really become  so absolutely gorgeous.  The kids have been playing outside and we’ve been taking bike rides just to enjoy the cooler weather and beautiful views.   Here is some of what we’ve been doing the last few days:

Technically this is an "Ali-Alley-Oop"!


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Lies, Lies, Lies..

I’m not in the habit of lying….well, until recently.  And I’ve told enough lies in the last 6 months to put Pinocchio to shame!  But, it was for a good cause.  It just got VERY confusing towards the end when I couldn’t keep my lies straight anymore.  Which is why you should NEVER LIE!  Oh, what tangled webs we weave, when we practice to deceive!”.  YIKES!

It all started about 3 years ago.  We lied then too.  We told Jesse and Jacob we were meeting Mom at PF Changs for their 13th birthday.  We loaded up in Mom’s motorhome and headed towards Tulsa.  But, then we turned east and kept going.  We ended up in Chicago!  It was a great way to celebrate their passage into the teenage years.  We visited friends who were living in Joliet that were involved in a “church plant” mission that Jesse & Jacob had been financially and prayerfully supporting.  We wanted them to have heroes like this.

Jesse & Jacob in Joliet, Illinois for their 13th birthday.

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We’ve Had a Breakthrough…

After years of living this way, we’ve finally had a breakthrough…an epiphany of sorts…or a birth of something wonderful….more like a dusty, dirty disaster!   Progress has it’s price!

Years ago, when we were living in our little camper-trailer (emphasis on LITTLE), we (the kids and me) guilted Darin into turning his shop into our living room/school room.  It worked really well.  We had room for our couches, dining room table, book shelves and even our washer/dryer and deep freezer.  We settled in very well…sleeping in the camper at night but basically living in the 15×30 foot room by the day.

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Halloween…It’s Not On Our List.

We have a long list of things we don’t do.  We don’t do Santa Claus.  We don’t do the Easter Bunny.  We don’t do the Tooth Fairy.  And most certainly we don’t do Halloween.

We do obey Christ the best we can, making decisions that some agree with and others don’t.  We try not to place our children on that slippery slope into paganism, immorality or idol worship.  And with all my might, I will protect them from ghoulish, satanic, offensive holidays that sugar-coat evil in the name of family fun.  I hate Halloween.  It’s dark, it’s evil, it’s strange and foreign to everything I teach our children.

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Secretariat Rides Again…

Grandma and Grandpa Frantz were here for a visit this week and they recommended we go see “Secretariat” at the theatre.  They had already seen it twice and thought a third trip would be just as exciting!  So, Friday night after work we headed over to the local cinema to see this wonderful family-friendly movie.

First, before I lose track of anything sensible, the movie was very well done.  The information might not be exactly accurate but the basic truth of the horse, the races, his amazing stamina and his legacy are on the mark and a good reminder for those of us who were too young to remember.  Secretariat won the Triple Crown in 1973, an amazing feat that has only been reproduced 11 times since 1900.  It was a truly amazing story of a family’s determination to believe and hope the unthinkable in the most unlikely choice for an athlete.

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A Season of Thunder…

We did something extra-special this year and purchased season passes to the Oklahoma City Thunder, a new NBA team for our state.  Darin has always wanted to live somewhere (like Kansas City) where he could enjoy professional sports teams.  Even though Oklahoma City is 2 hours away, it is the closest thing we have to our own local team, so we jumped on the basketball bandwagon with two tickets to every home game this season (42 games!).  An added plus is that the Thunder organization “owns” two previous Kansas University basketball athletes, Cole Aldrich and Nick Collison.  And as each NBA team visits our state, Darin will get to see other KU alumni that have thrilled him over the years.  So, it’s a good thing…Darin has his “dream” and each of our children get a special date with Dad to go to their favorite game.

I was chosen to attend the season opener, because…well, because “if momma ain’t happy then nobody’s happy”.  It probably doesn’t exactly go like that but since “we” bought the season tickets “we” supposed “we” should experience what it’s like to attend a professional ball game so “we” would know exactly what the kids were going to enjoy!  Did you follow that?

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Orange Power!


Go Pokes!!!

We were very blessed to be able to attend an Oklahoma State University football game this afternoon.  I haven’t been to a football game at my alma mater since before iPhones were invented!  I think it might have been back when I didn’t even have a cell phone!  YIKES!

One of our drug representatives  was kind enough to include us on this wonderful offer (drug representative is not a politically correct term for a drug dealer…he’s a very nice man who represents Butler Schein a distributor of veterinary medical paraphernalia…not to be confused with drug paraphernalia…I’m really digging a deep hole here!).  Anyway, he was kind enough to offer us two tickets to today’s game, complete with off-site parking,  a pre-game lunch and a shuttle to the game!  I was so excited.  I borrowed an orange OSU pullover, grabbed my cowboy boots and off we went!  (sorry kids…you’re staying at home!).

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