Bermuda Vacation 2011: Childless in Paradise

We did it!  We made it to Bermuda without children!  It’s the strangest, most peculiar feeling to be here on vacation without them.   Bermuda just doesn’t quite look the same without the kids here to sift through the details with me!

Our flight from Tulsa was good.  Tami & Mark were ahead of us and we met them in Atlanta with just enough time to grab some lunch and make it to the gate to board.  Our in-flight movie was “Mr. Popper’s Penguins” so now I’m caught up with the kids who already saw the movie with Grandma!

It was so good to see Bermuda again.  We made it through Immigration and Bermuda Customs with no problems.  Actually, the plane was a bit early and we stepped out of the airport doors and onto the portico at 3:05 p.m.. We made really great time.

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What’s smaller than a little bitty-bit?

Back at Mangrove Bay...

Today is the day…I’m really going home.  It’s been a great 5 days…a perfect amount of time away from the kiddos & a great time spent with family.  Any longer and I’d be heartbroken, any less and I wouldn’t have realized just how much relaxation you can do without so much responsibility.  And frankly, this trip was a bit cheaper….!!

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Just a Bit More Bermuda…

Our first view of the island was through the clouds.

Life sometimes throws you some curves.  And in this instance, death does as well.  Darin and I have found ourselves back in Bermuda only days after leaving the island.  Nannie’s sister, Kate, passed away early Monday morning.  Fortunately, Mom & Tim were still here and cancelled their outbound flight (again).  The funeral is tomorrow.

Darin did some fancy footwork to get everything arranged while I was busy at the clinic.  But by Tuesday evening we had childcare (thanks Grandma & Grandpa!!), tickets to Bermuda and staff to cover my absence!   All I have to say is DON’T ask for a “bereavement flight” from any of the airlines…it will cost MUCH more than a normal flight while they’re making you feel fortunate to get what they have leftover.  It’s a rip-off. Continue reading

Bermuda Vacation 2010: Day 17 – Going Home…

The sunrise through our neighbor's 2nd story verandah.

Wow…can you believe I’m writing this while flying across the United States somewhere over Georgia?  Or is it Tennessee?  By the time I get done it will probably be Oklahoma!

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Bermuda Vacation 2010: Day 9

Brock and I set out this morning for our walk.  Darin told us to stay off the Railway Trail so we hit to the streets and tribe roads.  Then we skipped over to South Shore, down to Chaplain Bay, then over to Horseshoe Beach….ahhhh!! For the first time in my life, I climbed up the large hill of rocks on the west end of the beach (the rocks you see above). The views were FANTASTIC!! So, I’m going to share them with you because…well, because I can!!

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Bermuda Vacation 2010 Day 0.5

It was a great day for flying…blue skies, beautiful clouds and relatively calm air.  We actually took off early and arrived early!  Of course, we can’t have everything our way.  The luggage was S-L-O-W in arriving in the airport so we waited with our 170 new-found friends.

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Bermuda Vacation 2009: Day #20

Well, we did it…we came home.  I was kicking and screaming (quietly in my heart) and Darin was leaping for joy.  He had done his time on the “Rock” and was ready to head back to our little green acres.  I was ready to stay there forever in my own little world of denial!

Totally unlike anything we’ve ever done before, we actually woke up early, had all our suitcases packed, stripped all the bedding and vacuumed the house.  Strange.

I think at some point I opened my big, fat mouth and said, “This is awesome!  We’re all ready to go and we’re having any stress!”.

Then the taxi never arrived…and then he called and he was lost (Bermuda is only 21 square miles…you can’t get too lost!).  We figured after getting advice from Mom he’d be there in 4 minutes.  But, 4 minutes became 14 minutes and now it’s raining.  We’re standing out in the driveway looking for him so he doesn’t miss the turn onto our street.  But, with the rain, we had to move the party into the garage.  We must have looked a bit silly all crammed in the single garage with our luggage…everyone was out there except Darin.  He was inside waiting for the phone to ring again.

The gentleman pulled in 30 minutes late when the rain was coming down heavy.  He backed up to the garage door and we loaded the best we could.  Darin reminded him that we were supposed to be at the airport in 7 minutes…then the race took off.

We started off down Middle Road (logical choice) but when we got to Burnt House Hill he turned off to Harbor Road!  I’m not sure what his reasoning was.  Harbor Road is beautiful.  It’s my choice when I’m going into town but it’s wiggly and narrow in spots.  For most of the way, you could never pass anyone.

So, now I’m thinking, “He’s purposely going out of his way since we complained about him being so late!”.  It didn’t help that the man had a very unusual voice…like he was suffering from severe laryngitis.  I couldn’t understand a word he was saying over the van noises and the rain.

From there he took another turn and another twist and we were on roads I’ve never been on…ever.  We ended up just west of Flatt’s and then he took North Shore road again.  The least I can say is we certainly got the scenic route!  He was zipping here and zapping there.

We got to the airport in 37 minutes.  I patted him on the shoulder and said, “You should be a race car driver” and he replied, “I used to.”.  Great.

Waiting at the airport

Waiting at the airport

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