Bermuda Vacation 2011: Love on the Rocks

Paradise isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be.  Sometimes it can get a little rocky.  It’s all part of what makes us strong!  Today we had a few rocks.

I started the morning bright and early with my “walk”.  Since I’ve been banned from the Railway Trail without my personal body guards (Jesse & Brock), I walked up and down the hill to the house (and up and down and up and down). Actually I went up and down the front hill twice and the back hill 3 times.  It was only 2 miles but it was that stupid hill (I know…I’m not supposed say stupid!  I owe you $0.25). Maybe it’s my problem with the altitude…maybe my blood isn’t used to sea level yet?  Can I possibly be suffering from low altitude sickness? Continue reading


Strange phenomenons are occurring….

It’s been a weird week for me…stranger than usual (and it’s only Wednesday!).  Things have been appearing and disappearing and reappearing.  Usually it’s my memory but this time it’s been tangible things…concrete things…things I can look at.  And it’s not my wallet or keys.

This week I lost a fishhook…and a cat.  I never found the fishhook and I found the cat.  The cat did not take the fishhook.  I still don’t know where the fishhook is and I’m pleading the 5th for any more information about it’s whereabouts.  Actually, if I were a drinker I’d be drinking a 5th…the fishhook made me CRAZY.  I’m still a bit nervous about the whole thing.

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Old MacDonald Had a Farm…

Old MacDonald had a farm.  I love that song…he was the envy of my childhood heart!  A cow, a duck, some geese, a horse, some chicks.  That guy had it going on.

But, now that I have some time to consider poor Mr. MacDonald, I think he missed the point of the farm.  He didn’t mention the peace-and-quiet, the tranquility, the sunsets at night over the herd, the steam that rises off the pond in the morning.  Poor guy must have forgotten to take his eyes out of the barn!

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And a little bitty bit more…

The roots on the Screw Palms are amazing...they're called "prop roots".

Darin and I took off on another adventure today, just checking on potential GeoCaching spots and doing a little maintenance on those already out.  Our journeys took us to Mangrove Bay, Horseshoe Beach, Harbor Road, Hamilton, Flatts and back home in time to get ready for supper. Not a bad day…

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You Know You’re Home When…

It’s like we’ve never left!  We’re right back in the groove again.

I was late the first day back to work because the battery had died on the van.  The blood machine at the clinic wasn’t working properly and delayed labwork I needed before proceeding with surgery.  My first case was putting to sleep a sweet, aged Golden Retriever while her family sobbed uncontrollably.  My cat spay ended up being pregnant. The door knob at the back of the clinic fell off, locking us indoors.  The knob on the cold water in the bathtub is broken.  And the air-conditioner can’t keep up with the heat so the clinic is hovering around 80*F by late afternoon.

Just one thing after another!  We’re back home!!

We’re still laughing though.  It was so good to see the girls at work.  They really are family to me and I missed being around them during the last 3 weeks.

It’s good to have a sense of humor. We had a client drop by this week who has a chronically ill dog and so far the medicine hasn’t been working.  They really need to proceed to a specialist but they were hoping that antibiotics would be the simple answer.  The debate over what to do with the animal was getting difficult…when she eats she vomits, she can’t take her medicine but the next step is going to a specialist but they really don’t want to do that. Eureka!  They found an answer….stop feeding the dog!  WHAT??!!  Now why didn’t they teach me that in veterinary school?

Today when we got ready for church we all breathed a sigh of relief.  I love the church in Bermuda but it was so nice to walk out the door, load up in the car and drive straight to church.  At one point I yelled to the kids, “Hurry up…we have to catch the bus!”.  They all looked at me like I was crazy.  Then when we got in the car I said, “Now remember, when we get to town we’ll probably have to walk in the rain”.  Yep…they think I’m ever crazier.

It was just fun to revel in the freedom of driving to the door of the church, rain or shine.  And we were so excited that we showed up nearly an hour early!  And we all fit on our regular row…3 row, left of center.

Gas is only $2.39 per gallon and we drove straight to church…yep, we’re home.

I Guess I’m Just A Little Grouchy Today….

I just can’t figure out a few things about people. Personally, I try my best to accommodate people and be “kind and loving to one another, forgiving one another, just like Christ Jesus forgave (me)”. Well, sometimes the forgiveness part comes a little late, but I do try. I usually can find something redeeming about everyone and hope they do the same for me.

This week I’ve just been annoyed with people in general (so much for the forgiveness part!). We’ve been working very hard at the clinic, working long hours and tending to various personal events in the lives of our staff. We do our best to schedule appointments at the client’s earliest convenience or we work with their personal schedules to accommodate them. If bending over backwards was an Olympic sport, we’d be in the medal round! When people just walk in the door without an appointment we try not to yell out “RUDE” and just grin and work them in (maybe under my breath I say, “Thanks alot buddy. I’ll just eat lunch sometime tomorrow while I help you out with your emergency nail trim?”).

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In Summary….

Well, 2008 has been a dandy one! If you asked me last year what I’d be doing in the next 365 days, I certainly would have never told you I was opening a business! It’s amazing what a year can bring.

The clinic is going very well…far beyond my wildest imagination. I had this concept that we’d be really slow the first 6 months as we built a client base and regained the trust of the community since the clinic had been so derelict the last year or so. I actually counted on that, thinking I’d have more time to fine-tune our routine and get more comfortable with various procedures (or maybe just ease myself into full-time employment!).

But, people have come to us from Collinsville and neighboring towns north, south, east and west! We’ve done more surgeries than I ever imagined and we have a fairly successful boarding program, despite our limited space. We have hired a third employee to help us out in the late afternoons. Chali works each afternoon to help with the chaos once Brenda & Alyson leave. She is doing very well, learning very quickly and her personality is a perfect blend for us.

We do surgeries Monday through Friday.

We do surgeries Monday through Friday.

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