Bermuda Vacation 2011: Last Day in Paradise

What do you do when you have 24 hours left in paradise?  Do you just sit in one place and try to slow the clock or do you run at full speed and absorb all you can?  We just weren’t sure what to do.

We had a good rain overnight, the humidity was really high but the skies were clearing very nicely. So, all in all, it looked like a “go” day.

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Bermuda Vacation 2011: The Perfect Day

This was truly the best day by far.  I’m not bragging because it’s Darin’s birthday…it simply was a great day.  The weather was perfect. The beach was perfect.  The boating was perfect.  The meals were perfect. The company was perfect.

We’re going to totally forget the fact that I had to run on the sandy beach at high tide. I lived…it was touch-and-go at times, but I lived.

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Bermuda Vacation 2011: Day 2 in Paradise

Those are some happy “pigs”!  You have no idea how happy your feet can be when they’re in that soft white sand…ah, paradise. Continue reading

Bermuda Vacation 2011: Childless in Paradise

We did it!  We made it to Bermuda without children!  It’s the strangest, most peculiar feeling to be here on vacation without them.   Bermuda just doesn’t quite look the same without the kids here to sift through the details with me!

Our flight from Tulsa was good.  Tami & Mark were ahead of us and we met them in Atlanta with just enough time to grab some lunch and make it to the gate to board.  Our in-flight movie was “Mr. Popper’s Penguins” so now I’m caught up with the kids who already saw the movie with Grandma!

It was so good to see Bermuda again.  We made it through Immigration and Bermuda Customs with no problems.  Actually, the plane was a bit early and we stepped out of the airport doors and onto the portico at 3:05 p.m.. We made really great time.

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And a little bitty bit more…

The roots on the Screw Palms are amazing...they're called "prop roots".

Darin and I took off on another adventure today, just checking on potential GeoCaching spots and doing a little maintenance on those already out.  Our journeys took us to Mangrove Bay, Horseshoe Beach, Harbor Road, Hamilton, Flatts and back home in time to get ready for supper. Not a bad day…

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Bermuda Vacation 2010: Day 15

Horseshoe Beach early this morning

Today started a little earlier than I had planned.  I woke up at 3:00 a.m. because everything was too quiet!  The room had gotten warm and all I could hear was the hum of the ceiling fan in the kitchen.  I got out of bed and looked out the slits in the shutters and the plants in the courtyard were standing upright!  WOW…that was a strange sight!  We have   a miniature oleander and a rosemary bush in the flowerbed and those poor plants have been leaning to the west for over 24 hours!  I was so happy to see little “rosemary” doing well.

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Bermuda Vacation 2010: Day 9

Brock and I set out this morning for our walk.  Darin told us to stay off the Railway Trail so we hit to the streets and tribe roads.  Then we skipped over to South Shore, down to Chaplain Bay, then over to Horseshoe Beach….ahhhh!! For the first time in my life, I climbed up the large hill of rocks on the west end of the beach (the rocks you see above). The views were FANTASTIC!! So, I’m going to share them with you because…well, because I can!!

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